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Collecting donations is vital for a charitable cause project to succeed, so you need to know how to raise money for charity! The good news is that Leetchi.com has become a very powerful platform for promoting different kinds of nonprofit projects and raising funds across the world. No more dealing with cash or chasing people up, contributors can transfer money quickly and safely online whenever they want to. Whether it's supporting your local animal, arts & culture, environmental charity or an international NGO- we're the platform to fundraise!

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Customer testimonial

When my youngest daughter was diagnosed with cancer she was fortunate enough to have received the necessary support from the Teenage Cancer Trust. However, for every teenager they reach there's another they can't due to the limited funding. With my family and friends we decided to create a money pot on Leetchi.com and raise funds to support the great work that the charity is doing. Hopefully, with our donation they'll be able to help more people like my daughter get back on their feet. It's really important to give back because you never know when you or your close ones might need help. Abigail

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