Organise a money pot to collect donations and membership for your club or charity.


Create a money pot to collect funds for your club or charity


Ask people to contribute


Ask for the money to be transferred to a bank account


Make your project a reality

Manage and monitor the money pot

Charity Money Pot on

Via your computer or directly on your mobile

What is a “charity fundraising money pot”?

Not sure how to raise money for your charity? is an effective platform to collect contributions for your project - it’s never been easier for people to make secure payments online. Simply create a money pot, ask people to contribute and give the money raised to your chosen charity or use it to boost your own charity fundraising project.

Why choose to help raising money for charity?


One place for coordinating and monitoring all contributions.


Create and share the fundraising money pot in just a couple of clicks.


Guaranteed online security with’s secure payment system.


Adapt the money pot to fit your project - use your own images and write your own message.


Share your charity fundraising project with as many people as possible using Gmail, Facebook or a widget.


Clearing pricing so you know how much you’ve raised with a maximum 4% fee for bank transfers.

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Not sure how to raise money online? Trying to work out how to raise funds without too much stress? is an ideal platform for collecting money online.