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How do I get my child to do homework? What should you do if your child doesn't want to do their homework?

The start of the school year is a real bane for many parents and their children. A lot of worried mothers of first graders or older children complain that their child does not want to do homework, is inattentive, lazy, cranky, the child can not concentrate, and constantly finds help from parents, even if the homework is very simple. How can you teach a child to do homework by himself, and what can you do if the child doesn't want to do it at all?

In general, you should teach your child independence, responsibility and the habit of doing homework on their own in first grade. But if attempts to do this have not been successful, the problem should not be ignored either, and categorically. An important caveat - the approaches to primary school children of 6-7 years and 8-9 years are somewhat different, although the main thing is still the stimulus (usually praise).

Of course, it is difficult to make a child do homework and to accustom them to do it neatly and independently. But you have to try, otherwise today's nerve-racking in the future will seem to you like "flowers. So brace yourself, dear Moms, and do not give your future genius a pass!

How to teach your child do the lessons in the first grade?

Well, here we go! All sorts of "nice" associated with the enthusiasm of others about the talent and acumen of your preschooler, inspired troubles to equip first-grader, and the celebration of September 1, are left in the past. And instead it turned out that diligence and desire, with which your kid just recently summed up the numbers, printed on paper the first words, reading sentences, suddenly lost somewhere. And doing homework has become a real nightmare. But what happened, why does the child not want to do homework, where has the desire to learn disappeared?

Why does a child have no desire to do homework?

Educational psychologists have a very clear opinion on this matter. If the first-grader does not want to do homework, it can only mean one thing: the child does not succeed. There is only one way out: parents have to help them and initially do homework together, with patience and empathy. But here too, there are some very important psychological points.

Even if your child attended kindergarten or went to a special preparatory class for school, he was never required to do homework every day, simply put, it's just not used to it. Not only that, but involuntary attention and memory - when a child can memorise the contents of an entire book without noticing it - begin to wane, and just at the age of six or seven. But voluntariness - the ability to force yourself to do something voluntarily - is just beginning to form. So your first-grader now is not easy, and laziness has nothing to do. What's the solution?

How do you get your child to do homework?

If the child doesn't want to do their homework, parents should establish a routine. Determine with him a specific time when he will sit down to do his homework. This could be quite different times on different days, especially if the first grader has extra curricular activities such as hobbies, clubs and so on.

Of course, after school they should have a rest, not just a meal. Be sure to take into account the intra-family schedule - the child should not sit for lessons, when daddy comes from work, or grandmother comes to visit, or you and your little brother or sister go to the playground and so on. In this case, the child can not concentrate, and make a child to do homework will be very difficult, he may even be offended and say "I do not want to learn lessons. And by the way, will be perfectly right - why should learning become for him akin to punishment, it is so hard for him, he tries, and for it and still being punished!

If such a provision is made, it is absolutely forbidden to deviate from the timetable without a valid reason. Otherwise there should be penalties, which you should also agree with your child in advance. It will probably come down to depriving him of some personal pleasures, for example, "weaning" him off the computer, TV and so on. It is not desirable to deprive the attendance of training and walks in the fresh air, because your baby since the beginning of the school year has already become much less moving and spends a lot of time indoors.

Doing homework with your child is best done an hour and a half after returning from school, so that the child has had time to rest, but is not too overexcited or tired from playing with his classmates and home entertainment. Intellectual activity of children increases after a little physical activity - it's a scientific fact, so he needs to play after school, but only in moderation.

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