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Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot!

Dear Parents,

Further to Lars' email today the April 11th 2020 I thought we would try to help the school as much as we can.

Indeed, I do believe that we are very appreciative of the gesture that the school have made towards the Families. Indeed, the financial help offered linked to the ambition of the educational team to improve the Home Schooling should defenitely be taken into consideration and deserve some help from those who can afford it or are willing to help.

All donation can be anonymous from a name or an amount perspective.

THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATION TO PARTICIPATE, as we know that it is a very dificult time for some of us.

We deliberately, decide to give the money to IPS without any specific purpose to it as we consider that they are the the most able to decide what to do with this money. However we can imagine that they will use those funds for the following:

1. Helping families who can not afford the tutions fees even with a 35% discount

2. Keep paying their bills including teacher salaries and operational cost

3. Make a donation on behalf of the school to others institution in need such as hospital and so on

I hope that most of you will be supportive.

Have a beautifull Easter and be careful with the chocalate!

Warm regards,


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