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DBX/Tr/BR 2500km Lockdown!

DBX/Tr/BR 2500km Lockdown!

Hello everyone & welcome to our joint fundraising money pot!

Thank you for your support and your exercise!

Dropbox, Transmission and Branch Road - the collective genius behind marketing in EMEA - are going to walk, run, cycle, row, skip, hop and jump from Dublin to London, then to Paris, then to Munich, then finally to Hamburg, covering 2500km, before the end of April!!!

We will do this as a team, using our allotted exercise time for outdoor activities, treadmills, pelotons, bikes, X-trainers and many more, to go the distance.

We are looking for support from our friends, family, colleagues and everyone we know, to help support charities in need, at this challenging time.

For the elderly, for the young, for cancer patients and for those who really need help as a result of the current situation:

The UK Team:

1 Trussell Trust (foodbanks)

2 Age Concern


4 Cancer Research

The Irish Team:

1. St. James Hospital

2. Friends of the Elderly


4 Irish Cancer Society

We are spread across 3 countries: Ireland, UK, and even a Branch Roadie in NZ, but we are doing this as a team. Please donate however much you want, every single penny or cent counts. All payments are 100% secure.

The team you are sponsoring... Aglaia Ralli, Andy Wilson, Daniel Plume, Emma Samuel, Ellie Berwick-Reynolds, Gillian Murphy, James Keating, Janina Maier, Joel Rispa, John Brogan, Kathy O'Donnell, Kelly Bowen, Miriam Kidane, Nina Cliffe, Rebecca Beaty, Rebecca Lake, Rebecca Roberts, Sam Woodman, Simon Cliffe, Tim Casey, Yoana Dragieva.

Thank you very much!

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