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Work Siding Home

Work Siding Home

This is a dense structure, it will not be difficult to strengthen it. It is more difficult to install the mounting plate - it bends.

Обшивка дома сайдингом

Let's consider a step-by-step installation algorithm using the example of vinyl siding with mineral wool insulation. It takes into account the dew point, weather conditions in the region, the material from which the walls are built, and its thickness. If you are not ready for complex calculations, it is better not to neglect the insulation. All energy-efficient homes need high-quality thermal insulation. And any house where people live all year round, it is better to insulate. This will save on heating and improve the microclimate inside the building. The final wall panel of the siding is cut and mounted by clamping the cut edge inside the finishing profile.

If the height of the house is 3 meters (the standard height of one-story buildings), it is enough to count the number of corners. Siding is not subject to corrosion, does not lose its color during operation and is not exposed to temperature changes. Our siding has a self-cleaning function it does not need care and you do not need to wash and wipe it, thanks to the acrylic, the dust will be washed off in the rain. This is not only a pleasant appearance of the facade, but also a cozy warm building, thanks to the insulation with mineral wool.

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