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eLibrary for Mainit

eLibrary for Mainit

Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot!

Help build an eLibrary at the Mainit National High School.  More info on eLibrary: . More info on TMI Portfolio:

Mainit is a 4th class municipality in Nothern Mindanao, Philippines. Founded in 1947, Mainit National High School has a over a thousand student population that could use more educational resources like an eLibrary.

An earlier installation and engagement with another school near MNHS proved to be a tremendous help to both students and teachers. 


About us:

Founded in 2008, Tambayayong Mainit, Inc (TMI) is a SEC-registered non-profit civic organization in the Philippines. TMI is comprised of similar-minded “Mainitnons” who wish to give back to their hometown. They are either current residents of the town or are part of the Mainitnon diaspora to the different parts of the world. More info:

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