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India 2019

Organised for: Indian love

Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot!

With just 1-click you can support a community project on an individual in need

  • Give however much you want
  • All payments are 100% secure
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Thank you!

Organised by

Sanah Djebli

Mokeddem Rizlen contributed

Abdou Badji contributed €100

Loubna Hiliana contributed €30

Sofia Olga contributed €30

Anonymous contributed €40

yaseen Tran contributed €40

Benzema Lamif contributed €20

Chiheb REKKAB contributed €50

VAsic Dusica contributed €10

Djebli Najime contributed €50

Djebli Abdelkader contributed €50

Aïcha Amri contributed €15

matteo Spina contributed €60

Mélia Boukhemal contributed €10

Sabrina Mce contributed

Elomri Khalid contributed €10

Ness&Hass contributed €50

Fatna Gobe contributed €5

Meta Tshimanga contributed €15

Naomi Negoce contributed €4

Talibatou Alharary contributed €2

Vivi Ht contributed

Sophie Baroux contributed

Julien Vangogh contributed €50

13 July 2019
Elomri Khalid
Très beau ce que tu fait... 👍👍😉
13 July 2019
Vivi Ht
Très bonne initiative de ta part, des bisous ma belle !
12 July 2019
Chitti Lardi
Wow darling what a journey you’ve undertaken xx
12 July 2019
Youssef Ayeb
Merci Sanah et bravo
12 July 2019
Fares Mohamed
C’est un tout petit geste mais tu as en plus tout mon soutien et tout mon respect Sanah ❤️🙏🏻😳
12 July 2019
Sabrina Bennai
I will contribute as much as I can. My heart is full of love and hurt to see The conditions they live in. God bless them all ! Nandu is ADORABLE 🙏🏽
12 July 2019
Mehdi Bachkat
Thanks Sanah for doing such a great thing.
11 July 2019
Tu es un vrai soleil éclaircissant la peine ombre quand en saison de pluie, le ciel et la terre s'obscurcissent. 😍🐵
11 July 2019
Yasmine Djerroudi
Tres belle initiative ❤️
11 July 2019
Sonia Djebli