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container second for sale

container second for sale

Harga container bekas Surabaya. Used containers for storage are 10-15 years old. They come to the top of their transportation life for static storage. They are repaired into strict water and structurally heard custom. They may have their unique paint with a few rust floors, but they need an extra 10-year final, no less than, as a website retailer (just a little treatment can also be asked at that time). Please note that we cannot ensure the life span of transportation containers on the market. We keep doing it; Make sure that our container is a structural and structural sound when sent to your place.

All Billie Field containers are used lower than 15 years outdated, and most of it is only 10 to 12 years old. Older transportation containers have a very decreased age because of the results of sea salt injuries. We then did not recommend it.

The new transportation container in the market is usually produced in China and to maintain the cheap value of our sender using it to transport cargo to England. So we provide containers 'immediately after use' on the market. A container like that can have a strange or scratch dent at the time of supply, but it will definitely look neater than used containers. Once again this container may be waterproof.

We provide very different values of used cargo containers that rely on their age and country. Class A Containers usually ex container transportation paths that have been used for far less years and with minimal injuries, usually used in independent storage businesses.

Often used containers are purchased in wind and waterproof situations, which imply that no holes in the container and the door seal are intact, tied strongly to the door and not leak. They are usually resolved with unique paint and will not include the right key field as custom.

If you wish to re-use a second hand container as a transport container, please contact us and we are going to organize you used unit to be prepared for transport.

Tell us what your meant use goes to be and we are going to choose from our inventory probably the most acceptable container in your proposed use. In the event you want to, you'll be able to come to your nearest depot and think about the container you have an interest in shopping for, simply contact us upfront to rearrange an appropriate day for you.

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