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Helping Nepalese Entrepreneurs with Raleigh

ENTREPRENEURS IN NEPAL Asmit is 24 years old, living in Gorkha, Nepal, which was impacted by the April 2015 Nepal earthquake (it was also known as the Gorkha earthquake). After the earthquake, there was a dire need for rebuilding, so Asmit identified the opportunity to be the first and only electrician based in his community. He earns 15,000 Nepali Rupees (equivalent of €118) a month. His aim is to expand his business further with business management skills, marketing, advertising, and managing cashflow to expand. His father is now also paired up with him in his electrician business.  Sashita is 32 years old, living in Bhaltar, Makawanpur - one of the poorer regions of Nepal, outside of the capital of Kathmandu. Sashita cultivates cereal crops and also ginger - and makes 10,000 NPR (equivalent of €79) a month. Among her challenges are the destruction of her polyhouses due to thunderstorms and crop destruction due to monkeys. She hopes to learn business plan development, financial planning, and record-keeping.  -------- GOOGLE/RALEIGH IN NEPAL, SEPT 2019I will be part of the Google/Raleigh program to Nepal (of 20 Googlers in total) that will last two weeks. We are working with Nepalese entrepreneurs living in remote and poor parts of Nepal. We will travel and live in these communities to train, facilitate, and coach these entrepreneurs (about 40 of them in total) together with local partners, on how to manage and sustainably grow their business. It’s a short time for us to be there, but we hope the business plan coaching will have great impact on the entrepreneurs. WHY FUNDRAISEFundraising is a part of the Google/Raleigh program, for Raleigh (as an not-for-profit) to be able to continue to be able to run the local initiatives. I would love for your support to help me achieve these fundraising targets:  * Fundraising for the local community in Nepal to raise €2000 (or £1825)* Google will gift-match dollar for dollar to bring it to €4000 total COOL STUFF:  * Any donation amount: Updates from my Nepal experience via Facebook/Instagram. A Google talk of the experience in Nepal when I return* €50 donation: A handwritten postcard from Nepal* €80 donation: A handwritten postcard and an instant photo from Nepal* €100 donation: WildcardCONCLUSION: Donate if you can and contact me to hear more:).




Support Yona's family

Support Yona’s family! Make a gift! Yesterday, August 20, we were all struck by the announcement of Yona’s death. During his too short life Yona has always been a fantastic friend, father, husband, local leader. He was a caring man as well as a ‘man with a plan’. A selfmade man also. We often had to read his text messages twice or more. “What for God’s sake does he mean?”. We sometimes forgot that he taught himself to speak English. Yona didn’t go to school, he just worked very hard. Did you know he could recognize and point out any bird just by hearing their distant sound? Yona was a very intelligent man and he used his brains to do good for others. He supported his community in many ways. He was the engine behind local tourism and provided employment to his fellows, he convinced Misingi to build the kindergarten and coordinated the project, he was Misingi’s right hand in the scholarship’s programme ,... But apart from that, he was also a loving and responsible father. “I don’t need many cows or wives, I want my children to get a good education”. So he sent them to a private school, started building a stone house so they would be able to study in good conditions... Whenever we visited his family he proudly said “You can talk to my son, he speaks English”. Only half a year ago he sent us some photo’s of the construction of his house... He had it all well planned, he wanted his children to get better chances in life than he had got. But now his family is in trouble. Yona who earned the money to pay for his children’s education is no longer there. And there’s no such a thing as social security over there. The hospital bills for his treatment were already strangling the family. They have mounted up gradually. Instead of a bright future, it’s going to be misery and despair. Already when Yona was ill we promised to help him. We couldn’t turn the tide medically. Since many years he was suffering from hepatitis B, but the diagnosis came only recently. The damage was already done, irreversible... But we can and must help his family. Let’s make his dream come true. Let’s give his children the chances he would have given them if he would still be there! Endallah Cultural Tours and his good friends have decided to create a fund that will help his family to pay for the unpaid bills and to keep his children in school. And you can help us! Any single euro from this pot will go straight to his wife and kids to allow them to have a better future. Thanks for the bottom of our heart.



The Babatunde Bombers FC's Ride For Wishes

Make-A-Wish Foundation of Switzerland grants the most heartfelt wishes of children aged between 3 and 18 living with a serious medical condition to give them hope, strength and joy.The Babatunde Bombers Football Club (BBFC) was officially formed in Zurich, Switzerland, back in 2011 by the same five guys who continue to be at the helm of the club to this very day. At the BBFC annual Christmas dinner and awards in 2018, one co-founder, Gian-Paolo, had the idea to do something different in 2019 and suggested a bike ride in the Swiss Alps. Cue a look of horror from most club members gathered around the table! After some discussion, another co-founder and long-time Make-A-Wish volunteer, Stephen, threw in the suggestion of doing it on behalf of this wonderful charity. And now, nine club members have committed to participate in the bike ride up one of the most stunning mountain passes in Europe, The Grosse Scheidegg, on Saturday 29 June. The training begins now!All the details about the ride can be found here, including a short video:




Help CUISINE LAB fund a kitchen to provide refugees culinary training and income through catering

September 5th I turn 45 AND we launch the crowd funding for aprofessional kitchen for the refugee chefs of CUISINE LAB!With just 1-click you can donate to this Genevois NGO that my Swiss, Refugee (Iran, Syria, Eritrea, Sri Lanka), and foreign friends have started with our volunteer time.   * Since it is my 45th - we hope you will donate in increments of 45EUR! * All payments are 100% secure* Help us reach our 20000 EUR target by October!Thank you!Sarah, Sajad, Gaaythri, Ali Reza, Saba, Talal, Dan, Rene, Rudi and all the rest of the Cuisine Lab team of volunteers!



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