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Mass vaccination campaign in Imsouane

Mass vaccination campaign in Imsouane:Due to the parvo outbreak, we are ordering vaccinations to run a mass vaccination campaign in imsouane for both tagged and untagged dogs.It’s going to be costly, and hard work to catch them and vaccinate them all. The price of a full vax dhpp is 20€.With this vaccination, the toilets and bathrooms of our shelter will not be full of agonising puppies. Vaccinations is the solution. Please consider buying ONE dog the beautiful present that is health.Allow ONE dog to be care free about viruses buy buying ONE vaccination. It takes 20€ for 365 days of peace. We need over 100 shots.It’s 2000€. Let’s do it ! Thank you very much!! Instagram

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Hyaluronate Fibroblast Growth Loop Group Buy

Welcome everyoneFirstly, I want to thank everyone who's supported our scientific enquiry and lust for cognition throughout both the short time Plasti.City has been around, and my personal journey through the learning of Cognition enhancement. I own a Limited Company, called Cogmetics Ltd, and I am so excited for it's future, and I have all of you to thank for it.Now, this is a group buy. A huge one.The total needed is £3,300, for 600MG of Hyaluronate conjugate (Which could be worth £20,000 if 300mcg is a good sized dose).Unfortunately, the scaling of the synthesis is both awful and fantastic. With a large enough purchase, huge amount can be bought for a good price, but it MUST be a large amount. Apparently, the difference between 300mg and 600mg is £75.  You should all be wondering how you will recieve the conjugate. 1. Depending on the community, I am willing to vouch the trust of recieving the conjugate be handed over to another individual who owns an excellent track record and is highly trusted.  2. THE CONJUGATE WILL BE ADDED TO BAC-STATIC WATER UPON RECIEVING - This poses no worries concerning degredation, because Hyaluronate conjugates last very well in even HOT temperatures.  3. The quantities per person will be calculated before hand, and the most suitable number of vials (Depending on the number of people involved) will be requested for the lab to send the conjugate within.  4. Postage will need to be covered, meaning you will likely be asked to send abit more money over to ensure everybody pays for their own shipment, and we don't make a money pot for P&P. 5. YOU MUST READ EVERYTHING SENT TO YOU AFTER THE CONJUGATE HAS BEEN MADE - This is potentially highly dangerous, and because it is so potent, overdoses seem inevitable, unless YOU READ EVERYTHING I SEND TO YOU.

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Help Australia

To my backpackers friend, I've been watching the news for days now feeling absolutely helpless as I watch huge parts of Australia burning more and more every day. People are losing their homes, all their possessions and many still in danger. Millions of animals have died or are dying by suffocation, burned, trapped and all the while the precious landscape is horrendously burned to the ground and it's heart breaking. Many of us have been there, for some weeks, months and for a lucky few several years. We spent some of our best times whilst living there, met the most amazing people, shared the best experiences, travel and adventures. We took the most beautiful and unreal pictures, discovered amazing places, gorgeous beaches, colorful seascapes, marvelled at the wild life and all the wonderful creatures that have occupied this beautiful place.  If every one of us gives 3 or 4 quid (price of a pint of beer) I believe we could make a difference. Share it to all your backpackers friends, and ask them to do the same with their ones. Thousands of us are flying there every year to live the dream. Let's give it back, in memory of all the moments we cherished, all the new friends we made, the love we shared for this beautiful country. I'm currently looking for an organisation to donate the money and support any rescue, relocation or restoration efforts. I'm open to any suggestions as well if you have any ideas or preferences you can lend. Share it with every backpacker you know and even with your family or friends. There is no minimum even the smallest donations could be useful! I deeply appreciate and thank you for taking the time to read this and giving any support you can give.

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Help CUISINE LAB fund a kitchen to provide refugees culinary training and income through catering

September 5th I turn 45 AND we launch the crowd funding for aprofessional kitchen for the refugee chefs of CUISINE LAB!With just 1-click you can donate to this Genevois NGO that my Swiss, Refugee (Iran, Syria, Eritrea, Sri Lanka), and foreign friends have started with our volunteer time.   * Since it is my 45th - we hope you will donate in increments of 45EUR! * All payments are 100% secure* Help us reach our 20000 EUR target by October!Thank you!Sarah, Sajad, Gaaythri, Ali Reza, Saba, Talal, Dan, Rene, Rudi and all the rest of the Cuisine Lab team of volunteers!

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New Hope for Cambodian Children

Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot!With just 1-click you can contribute to an emergency fund and  safe a child's life, help with their medication, education, food. This will be a ray of sunshine and love send from you to a child of NHCC orphanage. * Give however much you want* All payments are 100% secure* Why It's easy & transparentThank you! ♥️

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Cher frère, chère sœur, cher(e) ami(e), soyez la bienvenue dans cette main levée «On dit souvent que là où la route passe, le développement suit» La continuité de la route à pouchii est bloquée par un préalable: Le Pont sur Chi Pir NzeutchampLe défaut de pont (voir photo) a jusqu’ici limité et confiné cette partie de Bakassa malgré l’existence d’une route praticable qui va jusqu’à la rivière (Chi pir nzeutchamp). Nous avons besoin d'un coup de pousse pour un pont qui ouvrira la voie à une route qui désenclavera Pouchii, desservira le quartier Nven, une partie du village Banfeko et du village Bana... Le pont relie et nous envisageons un qui peut être précurseur. S’il est là, le reste pourrait suivre sur l’autre versant, aller même au delà, un élément entraînant l’autre. Une seule main ne peux attacher un paquet. Votre geste (XCFA, £,€, $, ciments, fers...) peut faire la différence. Nous faisons un point d’honneur que tout sera compilé, transparent, public. COMMENT CONTRIBUER FINANCIÈREMENT À PARTIR DU CAMEROUN? * (Option recommandée)* Orange Money: 698013752 (Option secondaire)Supportez ce projet communautaire d'un seul click* Donnez le maximum que vous pouvez* Tout payement est 100% sécurisé * Pourquoi Leetchi et Faroty? C'est facile & transparent! COMMENT CONTRIBUER MATÉRIELEMENT À PARTIR DU CAMEROUN? Payez auprès de la Quincaillerie LE NOBLE (Tel: 677947670) à Pachii par Bafang et remettez nous le bon non livré afin que nous rentrons en possession des matériaux ( ciments, fers, sable, gravier, planches...) NB: Ce projet est soutenu et encadré par le CodeNsialieu et la pose de la 1ère pierre est prévue pour le 10/04/2020. Le dévis et le plan seront bientôt disponibles sur Cliquez ici pour en savoir plus Merci d'avance



Almou n'Ait Izzou Bibliothèque Biblioteca Library

Almou n'Ait Izzou Bibliothèque Biblioteca Library

whatsapp: 00212698897464email: yanbaha(@) Hola,Este bote se creó para recaudar fondos para crear una biblioteca pública en el pueblo de Almou n'Ait Izzou (región de Zagora, sur de Marruecos).¿Por qué una biblioteca? Simplemente porque llegamos al 100% del abandono escola, y queremos proporcionar a los niños un espacio donde puedan ser enseñados y guiados para tener éxito en sus estudios.Agradecemos su respuesta y gracias de antemano. Bonjour,Cette CAGNOTTE est déstinée à la collection des fonds pour créer une bibliothèque publique au village de Almou n'Ait Izzou (région Zgora, Sud du Maroc) pour aider les enfants au niveau de leur scolarité. Mais surtout lutter contre l'abandon scolaire qui a atteint un pourcentage de 100% auprès des garçons du village.Aidez nous à lutter contre l'bandon scolaire et merci d'avance. السلام عليكمهذه الصفحة ستخصص لجمع التبرعات لانشاء مكتبة عمومية بألمو نايت ايزو (إقليم واكورة، جنوب المغرب). وذلك لمساعدة الأطفال في التمدرس ومحاربة الهدر المدرسي الذي وصل لمائة في المائة.الأطفال بحاجة لهذا المرفق في أقرب وقت ممكن.ساهموا بقدر المستطاع ولكم جزيل الشكر. Hello,This pot is created to raise funds to create a public library in the village of Almou n'Ait Izzou (Zagora region, Southern Morocco).Why a library? Simply because we reached 100% of school dropout, and we want to provide children with a space where they could be taught and guided to succeed in their studies.We appreciate your help and thank you in advance.



Opération d'anévrisme cérébral / Cerebral aneurysm operation

Opération d'anévrisme cérébral / Cerebral aneurysm operation

1- Le contenu est en Français, Anglais et Allemand2- The Content is in French, English and German3- Der Inhalt ist in Französisch, Englisch und Deutsch 1 - En FrançaisBonjour à Toi qui a Pris ton temps pour lire ce message qui sauvera une vie! Aujourd’hui je prends mon courage pour me tourner vers toi. Je Viens au près de toi, oui toi! cette personne de bonne volonté et au coeur sensible près a aider des personnes traversant des difficultés de la vie indépendamment de leur volontés. Je vous présente la concernée qui se prénomme Yane Fomene! Une jeune camerounaise qui poursuis ces études de Doctorat à l'université de Dschang. Cette jeune demoiselle a récemment découvert qu'elle est atteinte d'un anévrisme cérébral: "Un anévrisme cérébral est une dilatation anormale de la paroi d'une artère - ou plus rarement d'une veine - au niveau du cerveau. Cette distension entraîne la création d'une poche de sang, appelée «sac anévrismal». Or lorsque les artères se dilatent, elles s'amincissent et se fragilisent." Cette intervention est tombée, il y’a peu et une intervention se déclare urgente. Résidante au Cameroun, l'opération ne peut malheureusement pas s'effectuer due au manque de matériels d'opérations des hôpitaux du Cameroun. Grace à sa famille et son entourage nous avons trouver une possibilité d'opération en Europe plus précisément en Belgique, pour ainsi permettre a cette jeune demoiselle de retrouver son état de sante le plus rapidement possible. Il urge de l'évacuer le plus rapidement possible pour se faire opérer, pour éviter le risque de l'éclatement des faisceaux ou veines qui entrainera une hémorragie cérébrale. Toi qui souhaiteras de tout coeur de sauver la vie de cette jeune demoiselle, nous te prions d'aider financièrement la famille pour les frais d'opérations. Ta participation et ton aide permettront de réunir la somme 16000€ demandée par l’hôpital en Belgique. Nous remercions ceux ou celles qui participerons a ce don pour sauver une vie. 2 - In EnglishHello to you who took your time to read this life-saving message! Today I take my courage to turn to you. I am writting this message to come close to you, yes you! this person of good will and with a sensitive heart close to help people going through life's difficulties regardless of their wills. I present to you the concerned who is named Yane Fomene! A young Cameroonian woman who is pursuing her PHD Studies at the University of Dschang in Cameroon. This young lady recently discovered that she has a cerebral aneurysm: " (also called an intracranial aneurysm or brain aneurysm) is a bulging, weakened area in the wall of an artery in the brain, resulting in an abnormal widening, ballooning, or bleb. Because there is a weakened spot in the aneurysm wall, there is a risk for rupture (bursting) of the aneurysm. ". This intervention were notified recently, and declares itself urgent. Currently living in Cameroon, the operation unfortunately cannot be carried out due to the lack of operating materials for hospitals in Cameroon. Thanks to her family and friends, we have found a possibility of surgery in Europe, more precisely in Belgium, to allow this young lady to regain her health as quickly as possible. It urges to evacuate her as quickly as possible to undergo surgery, to avoid the risk of bursting of the bundles or veins which will lead to a cerebral internal bleeding. If you who wish wholeheartedly to save the life of this young lady, we ask you to help the family financially for the operating costs. Your participation and your help will raise the €16,000 requested by the hospital in Belgium. We thank those who will participate in this donation to save a life. 3 - Auf Deutsch Hallo an Sie, die sich die Zeit genommen haben, diese lebensrettende Nachricht zu lesen! Heute nehme ich meinen Mut zusammen, mich an Sie zu wenden. Ich komme dir nahe, ja du! Diese Person guten Willens und mit einem sensiblen Herzen, die bereit ist, Menschen zu helfen, die Schwierigkeiten des Lebens zu bewältigen, unabhängig von ihrem Willen. Es geht um eine liebe Frau Namens Yane Fomene! Eine junge Kamerunerin, die Doktorandenstudien an der Universität von Dschang promovieren. Diese junge Frau entdeckte kürzlich, dass sie ein zerebrales Aneurysma hat: "Ein zerebrales Aneurysma ist " Ein zerebrales (auch intrakranielles) Aneurysma ist eine pathologisch permanente Erweiterung des Querschnitts oder eine ballonförmige Aussackung einer Hirnarterie. ... Eine Ruptur tritt im Durchschnitt etwa bei 1 % der Aneurysmen pro Jahr auf und kann tödlich enden." Diese Intervention erklärt sich für dringend. Die in Kamerun ansässige Operation kann aufgrund des Mangels an Operations-Material für Krankenhäuser in Kamerun leider nicht durchgeführt werden. Dank ihrer Familie und ihrer Umgebung haben wir in Europa, genauer gesagt in Belgien, die Möglichkeit einer Operation gefunden, damit diese junge Frau so schnell wie möglich wieder gesund wird. Es ist dringend erforderlich zu handeln ,es so schnell wie möglich um sich einer Operation zu unterziehen, um das Risiko eines Platzens der Bündel oder Venen zu vermeiden, das zu einer Gehirnblutung führt. Wenn Sie von ganzem Herzen das Leben dieser jungen Frau retten möchten, bitten wir Sie, der Familie finanziell bei den OP-Kosten zu helfen. Durch Ihre Teilnahme und Ihre Hilfe werden die vom belgischen Krankenhaus angeforderten 16.000 € aufgebracht. Wir danken denen, die an dieser Spende teilnehmen, um ein Leben zu retten.



The Skinner Family Fund / Little Princess Trust

The Skinner Family Fund / Little Princess Trust

Some of you reading may be aware that a good friend of mine Clare Skinner was diagnosed with Cervical cancer in January 2019. As you can all imagine a mum of 4 young children this was devistating for both Clare and her husband Doug. They stayed strong for their children and got through the treatment. They were then greeted with good news in August 2019 with the all clear. AMAZING, Right. If only that all clear stayed that way. Unfortunately Not, just before Christmas, Clare was suffering with a lot of pain in her back so after a few times of us all begging her to go and get checked out early just before Christmas they were told the cancer had come back. Christmas celebrations were a time for them to have the results of how much the cancer was back. It brings tears to my eye to sadly say its now terminal. I want Clare, Doug and their 4 beautiful children to be able to make some life long memories together as a family.. Some of you may know I have long hair that I absolutely love. OK I don't often do anything with it 9 times out of 10 it's normally in my mum bun style. I've been looking at the Princess Trust website about donations, they are crying out for longer haired donations and my hair fits into that category. Currently I have enough to actually send just over the 41 cm that they would like so if you haven't guessed already this is what I am going to be doing.. I would love to be able to raise enough money to send some off to a Cancer based Charity of Clares choice as well as some for Doug and Clare to put into a pot towards one time opportunity days with the children to make them life long lasting memories that they all truely deserve. Please please show Clare and her family your support even its it's just £1 they all add up I'd love to give her a massive pot of money for a trip to her favourite place to go with the kids and that's disney 🤞 would just like to say a huge thank you if you've spent the time to read and to be so kind and to have donated. SPREAD THE WORD TO ALL THE FEMALES YOU NOW HAVE YOUR SMEAR TEST DONE IT TAKES 5 MINS AND THE NURSE WOULD HAVE SEEN EVERY STYLE OF NUNNEY THEIR POSSIBLE IS.



Kenya School Urgently needs more Toilets ... Please could you Help?

Kenya School Urgently needs more Toilets ... Please could you Help?

Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot! Please could you help towards funding the building of a toilet block for the children at Future of Taru Academy, Kenya At Future of Taru Academy we are raising money to tackle a number of exciting projects. Now it might not sound very ‘exciting’ to ask for help to finish the second bank of toilets in our school but these are desperately needed and a priority.  Our school provides vital education for children in Taru and surrounding areas as well as food every day for all the children and drinking water. Most of these children’s families live below the poverty line. They struggle to afford education and the nutritious food they need and at Future of Taru we strive to provide both, in a caring and supportive environment, giving these children the best start in life. Due to the school’s increasing popularity in Taru and its success with examination results, Future of Taru Academy has attracted many new pupils. At the start of 2020 we had many more new students enrolling and this has brought our numbers up to over 225 children. Because of this we need to make finishing the second block of toilets a priority. – We need to expand our sanitation facilities to continue to provide our children with a safe and hygienic environment. Recently we achieved Phase One of our project … the children now have one block of toilets and fresh, clean running water all day. As you can imagine, access to toilets is a priority for our school. It is estimated that the cost will be approximately £500. Please help us raise funds for these desperately needed facilities for such a wonderful and deserving Charity. -  All money raised will go towards this charitable program.  We thank you again for your continued generosity and kindness and for supporting us with this project.  FUTURE OF TARURegistered Charity number1184640 With just 1-click you can help towards completing a toilet block for these deserving children* Give however much you want* All payments are 100% secure* Why It's easy & transparent!Thank you!



Itsinkoudi, Pvadzima ne toumou

Itsinkoudi, Pvadzima ne toumou

Chers parents, familles, amis et compatriotes, La jeunesse d’Itsinkoudi Oichili se mobilise en ces temps difficiles pour aider leurs proches aux Comores. La situation d’insulaire de notre archipel, les soupçons de Covid 19 et le ramadan créent une situation d’urgence sanitaire. En effet le pays dépendant essentiellement de l’importation, la fermeture des frontières, des marchés publics, des agences de transfère monétaire plongent le pays dans une situation de précarité croissante. Il parait donc judicieux voire nécessaire d’apporter une aide alimentaire afin de soutenir financièrement les familles dans le besoin, notamment les personnes vulnérables pendant ce mois béni du Ramadan. Les personnes âgées représentent environ un tiers des personnes contaminées dans le monde et trois quarts des victimes du Covid 19. Cette cagnotte a pour but d’aider dans un premier temps nos Wa Baé et Cocos pendant la dernière quinzaine du mois Béni. L’aide concerne toute personne agée d’environ 60 ans, ceci sans distinction sociale ! L’aide se fera sous forme d’une distribution alimentaire (farine, sucre, huile entre autres) au seizième jour de jeûne. La cagnotte sera directement transférée sur le compte d’un site d’achat en ligne et la livraison se fera au village qui se chargera de la distribution par le biais de MERCI. L’action peut être élargie à plus de monde, sous réserve de fonds suffisants ! Nous sommes les seuls acteurs quant à l’aboutissement de ce projet ! La base du volontariat est obligatoire !! Cependant tous les jeunes itsinkoudiens résidants en France ou ailleurs, nous avons la possibilité de constitué un minimum de capital pour soutenir notre village. Pvadzima !!Tout seul on va plus vite mais ensemble nous allons plus loin !Itsinkoudi compte sur nous !Soyons Nombreux !



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