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Mass vaccination campaign in Imsouane

Mass vaccination campaign in Imsouane:Due to the parvo outbreak, we are ordering vaccinations to run a mass vaccination campaign in imsouane for both tagged and untagged dogs.It’s going to be costly, and hard work to catch them and vaccinate them all. The price of a full vax dhpp is 20€.With this vaccination, the toilets and bathrooms of our shelter will not be full of agonising puppies. Vaccinations is the solution. Please consider buying ONE dog the beautiful present that is health.Allow ONE dog to be care free about viruses buy buying ONE vaccination. It takes 20€ for 365 days of peace. We need over 100 shots.It’s 2000€. Let’s do it ! Thank you very much!! Instagram

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Hyaluronate Fibroblast Growth Loop Group Buy

Welcome everyoneFirstly, I want to thank everyone who's supported our scientific enquiry and lust for cognition throughout both the short time Plasti.City has been around, and my personal journey through the learning of Cognition enhancement. I own a Limited Company, called Cogmetics Ltd, and I am so excited for it's future, and I have all of you to thank for it.Now, this is a group buy. A huge one.The total needed is £3,300, for 600MG of Hyaluronate conjugate (Which could be worth £20,000 if 300mcg is a good sized dose).Unfortunately, the scaling of the synthesis is both awful and fantastic. With a large enough purchase, huge amount can be bought for a good price, but it MUST be a large amount. Apparently, the difference between 300mg and 600mg is £75.  You should all be wondering how you will recieve the conjugate. 1. Depending on the community, I am willing to vouch the trust of recieving the conjugate be handed over to another individual who owns an excellent track record and is highly trusted.  2. THE CONJUGATE WILL BE ADDED TO BAC-STATIC WATER UPON RECIEVING - This poses no worries concerning degredation, because Hyaluronate conjugates last very well in even HOT temperatures.  3. The quantities per person will be calculated before hand, and the most suitable number of vials (Depending on the number of people involved) will be requested for the lab to send the conjugate within.  4. Postage will need to be covered, meaning you will likely be asked to send abit more money over to ensure everybody pays for their own shipment, and we don't make a money pot for P&P. 5. YOU MUST READ EVERYTHING SENT TO YOU AFTER THE CONJUGATE HAS BEEN MADE - This is potentially highly dangerous, and because it is so potent, overdoses seem inevitable, unless YOU READ EVERYTHING I SEND TO YOU.

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Help Australia

To my backpackers friend, I've been watching the news for days now feeling absolutely helpless as I watch huge parts of Australia burning more and more every day. People are losing their homes, all their possessions and many still in danger. Millions of animals have died or are dying by suffocation, burned, trapped and all the while the precious landscape is horrendously burned to the ground and it's heart breaking. Many of us have been there, for some weeks, months and for a lucky few several years. We spent some of our best times whilst living there, met the most amazing people, shared the best experiences, travel and adventures. We took the most beautiful and unreal pictures, discovered amazing places, gorgeous beaches, colorful seascapes, marvelled at the wild life and all the wonderful creatures that have occupied this beautiful place.  If every one of us gives 3 or 4 quid (price of a pint of beer) I believe we could make a difference. Share it to all your backpackers friends, and ask them to do the same with their ones. Thousands of us are flying there every year to live the dream. Let's give it back, in memory of all the moments we cherished, all the new friends we made, the love we shared for this beautiful country. I'm currently looking for an organisation to donate the money and support any rescue, relocation or restoration efforts. I'm open to any suggestions as well if you have any ideas or preferences you can lend. Share it with every backpacker you know and even with your family or friends. There is no minimum even the smallest donations could be useful! I deeply appreciate and thank you for taking the time to read this and giving any support you can give.

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Help CUISINE LAB fund a kitchen to provide refugees culinary training and income through catering

September 5th I turn 45 AND we launch the crowd funding for aprofessional kitchen for the refugee chefs of CUISINE LAB!With just 1-click you can donate to this Genevois NGO that my Swiss, Refugee (Iran, Syria, Eritrea, Sri Lanka), and foreign friends have started with our volunteer time.   * Since it is my 45th - we hope you will donate in increments of 45EUR! * All payments are 100% secure* Help us reach our 20000 EUR target by October!Thank you!Sarah, Sajad, Gaaythri, Ali Reza, Saba, Talal, Dan, Rene, Rudi and all the rest of the Cuisine Lab team of volunteers!

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New Hope for Cambodian Children

Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot!With just 1-click you can contribute to an emergency fund and  safe a child's life, help with their medication, education, food. This will be a ray of sunshine and love send from you to a child of NHCC orphanage. * Give however much you want* All payments are 100% secure* Why It's easy & transparentThank you! ♥️

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Mon voyage en Ouganda - My journey to Uganda

Mon voyage en Ouganda - My journey to Uganda

Hello everyone & welcome !Comme vous le savez, je fais mes études pour devenir sage-femme ici, en Angleterre. Et même si il me reste encore deux ans d’études avant d’être diplomée, je suis déjà en train de réflechir quant à la manière dont j’aimerais exercer ce merveilleux métier. Mon plus grand souhait serait de travailler pour une ONG et plus précisement pour Medecins Sans Frontières. Mais avant cela, il me faut avoir eu plusieurs expériences dans un pays en voie de développement. J’ai donc commencé mes recherches et de fil en aiguille, j’ai eu le contact de Diane, une merveilleuse sage-femme Irlandaise qui a ouvert son centre de naissance il y a trois ans (voir photo), dans un bidonville de Kampala en Ouganda. Le plus gros de son travail c’est les rendez-vous antenatals, les naissances, la promotion de la santé, le support social et tout ce qui a un impact sur la santé des femmes comme la prévention contre le SIDA. Partir en Ouganda et travailler auprès de Diane et de toutes ces femmes et ces nourrissons qu’elle accompagne serait une merveilleuse experience et un point positif a ma future candidature pour MSF. Mon souhait serait de partir pendant un mois en Juin 2020. L’aide de chacun me permettrait de réaliser ce merveilleux voyage riche de nouvelles rencontres et d’apprentissage. Je vous remercie tous sincèrement et de tout mon coeur.  As you all know, I am studying to become a midwife here in England. And even though I still have two more years of study before I graduate, I am already thinking about how I would like to do this wonderful job. My greatest wish would be to work for an NGO and more precisely for Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders). But before that, I need to have had several experiences in a developing country. So I started my research and, one thing led to another, I had contact with Diane, a wonderful Irish midwife who opened her birth centre (see picture) three years ago in a slum in Kampala, Uganda. The main focus of her work is antenatal appointments, births, health promotion, social support and everything that has an impact on women's health such as AIDS prevention. Going to Uganda and working with Diane and all the women and babies she accompanies would be a wonderful experience and a positive point for my future application for MSF. My wish would be to go there for one month in June 2020. The help of everyone would allow me to make this wonderful journey rich in new encounters and learning. I thank you all sincerely and with all my heart. Alice.  With just 1-click you can support my project !* Give however much you want/Donnez ce que vous voulez* All payments are 100% secure/Les paiements sont 100% sécurisés



Cesta Fresca Providencia

Cesta Fresca Providencia

The Cesta Fresca (Fresh Basket) project aims to bring healthy food to the most vulnerable families in the Morro da Providência, the oldest in Brazil and backdrop to the famous Central do Brasil (yes, from the movie). Most members of this community work informal jobs and are now faced with a choice of either respecting social isolation or having nothing to put on the table. Access to healthy food should not be a privilege, and we want to show that fresh and unprocessed products can be an economically viable alternative to many non-perishable products that are already being distributed. The products are sourced from the Landless Rural Workers Movement, a network of activists defending agrarian reform and agroeocological practices (and LGBTQI rights! - they are that cool) throughout Brazil. They are bought at a fair price and delivered on the same day. The residents, previously mapped out through surveys, are called at pre-defined times at the distribution center to avoid crowds. This is also an occasion to distribute masks to those that may still need them.In the first edition, 100 families were reached, with the support of many community volunteers to organize the distribution. Beyond the short-term objective of ensuring food security during the pandemic, the project aims to connect the struggles of marginalised communities in the country and the city. In the long term, it also aims to transform cultural habits around food consumption in the favela and address the malnutrition and host of associated health problems which have made these communities especially vulnerable to Covid-19. The cost of a complete basket of fruits and vegetables is around US$ 4.00/€3.60. Content will vary every week according to the offer, but our goal is to perpetuate the scheme in the coming weeks, extending it as long as the need for social isolation continues, reaching as many families as possible. Please consider giving using the link in bio (if outside Brazil you need to do it from a computer and tick the “foreigner” box to be able to give without a fiscal number). Contents of the Fresh Basket for the first edition (Sunday, May 24): 1 kg of cassava1 kg sweet potato1 kg of yam1 dozen banana1 dozen oranges1 dozen lemons1 bunch of cabbage



13yo musically gifted boy from Kazakhstan

13yo musically gifted boy from Kazakhstan

Dear friends & everyone! Welcome to this money pot!I would like to raise money for a desktop computer and musical software for Eldar (john8_officiall), 13years old Kazakh boy who impressed me with his musical gift. He shows natural feeling for musical structure and this is rather rare for a self taught boy of his age. Very interesting! You can see some of his loops at the bottom of this plea. I am a professional musician and a graduate of Royal Academy of Music in London. On my recent trip to Kazakhstan I incidentally came across a family where a young boy showed musical talent. I was moved by his dedication and the fact that he loves to spend time creating musical projects. The boy's name is Eldar. I was impressed that Eldar has patience to create loops and songs using limited, old and freezing laptop with pretty basic software. Therefore it would be my dream to help him to raise money and acquire a decent desktop PC and musical software. I will personally contribute some money and will stay in touch with Eldar helping him with his music education. THE PLANI asked a music producer in Florida how to get a bargain set up for the boy. A custom order for a decent desktop that will be able to support pro music software (Qbase, Fruity Loops, Ableton) instead of buying unaffordable Mac Pro seems the best and mpst cost efficient way to go! So I hope that together we can bring about positive change to Eldar and make it possible for a young boy to stay on a path of self improvement and inspire him to think how much he can do with music in future and life. INSTAGRAM: For any questions in person drop a msg to IG: bbigwrldIf this pot is successful enough the photos of a happy young music maker and his accessory will be posted for you all on his IG!! Tic Toc... Thank you!



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