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Deposy - against the flood of plastic waste

Deposy - against the flood of plastic waste

An innovative deposit system against the flood of plastic waste Recycling plays a major role in containing the global flood of plastic waste. The innovative deposit system launched by us, BIOTA e.V., will use the latest technology so that increased and sensible recycling becomes a success story. The population is to be given a financial incentive to collect and dispose of the plastic waste. The project thus serves both climate and environmental protection and is also socially compatible. This fundraiser is used to implement a test system (prototype). Much more information can be found at The production of plastic has increased twentyfold since 1964. Currently, 400 million tons of plastic are produced worldwide annually, and plastic production is expected to double in the next 20 years. According to a study by the management consultancy McKinsey, more than 30 percent of all plastic packaging does not end up in an orderly recycling cycle, but is otherwise disposed of at the expense of nature. The experts estimate the resulting economic costs at $ 40 billion a year. Microplastic particles, which arise during the decomposition of plastic waste, are absorbed by humans and animals through food and breathing air. According to experts, this poses increased health risks. On this occasion, a group of committed people came together in a newly founded association BIOTA e.V. to offer an opportunity to solve the problem. The association sees global plastic avoidance as the greatest opportunity to restore ecological balance. From a global perspective, however, this is unfortunately an illusion, as scientists assume that plastic production will increase in the next few years. In addition, the association sees reuse and recycling as a great opportunity for the environment. This is also the basis of the Deposy deposit system devised by the association, which is based on new technology. Deposy stands for "deposit system", a new system for collecting and sorting plastic based on distributed ledger technology.With this project, BIOTA e.V. would like to get people to sort plastic waste and dispose of it in specially designed containers. To make the system attractive, you get more money back when you return it than you paid in advance. According to the association, this could be made possible through potential government grants and donations, CO2 savings through recycling, but also through the value that sorted plastic waste has for the further recycling process. The project thus serves to protect the climate and the environment and is also socially compatible. The system can be used in smaller areas, such as events, fast food chains, schools and universities, but also on a nationwide scale for entire regions. For more information, you can also visit our blog In addition to our tireless, voluntary commitment to implement this project, there are not inconsiderable costs. Both in terms of technical implementation and prototype construction. However, this is necessary in order to present the system to a broad public and the professional world. This is the purpose of this collective project



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