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rehabilitation of manding-road feeder

rehabilitation of manding-road feeder

Mandina (small village located in the rural Gambia. It is geographically located in Kiang West District, Lower River Region the Gambia. It has a total population of about 200 inhabitants according to the Gambia Bureau of Statistics preliminary results (2013). The village is predominantly a Muslim community and dominated by Mandinka tribes.) villagers have been complaining and worrying about poor road network in their village ever since and still no intervention is available at their disposal. Emergency labour cases and related health problems that call for immediate attention have been the order of the day in the village. However, such are not available due to poor road network faced by the people of Mandina village. Vegetable gardening is a culture in the village and women always work hard to have bumper harvest at the end of the day but due to poor road network, their products are stranded leading to spoilage. Between the two villages is a bush surrounded by many trees and grasses especially during the rainy season. Going to school during the rainy season by the students sometimes create strange issues such as meeting coincidentally with snakes and other wild animals. This is because the road is too narrow as if it is only meant for footpath which is being surrounded by grasses, trees harboring dangerous snakes and other wild animals that could be harmful to anyone who comes their way. Because of the narrowness of the road and the presence of many grasses and big trees along the road, accidents can occur due to the nature of the road (many short coves available,).Objectives- To ensure health-related consequences due to poor road are driven away-To improve the livelihood of Mandina villagers through the exportation of their farming and vegetable products easily to the market center.Project Implementation StrategyThe proposed project will be implemented by the Village Development Committee in consultation with the project writer/lead. Preliminary survey will be conducted by selected individual experts to identify suitable sites that are at most not prone to heavy flooding. This preliminary survey will be followed by preparation in cutting down trees that are along the selected sites for the proposed road. The narrowness of the road at some point is as a result of some big trees along the road which makes spatial availability difficult. Provision of rock trips along the road will be the next step after clearing of trees along the road. Leveling of the road will follow and finally official inauguration of the road by the donors to wrap up the project.The total amount budgeted for the project in tabular form is amount to 22020.8 Euro PROJECT OUTCOME At the end of the project, it is expected that health-related consequences due to poor road will be driven away. The project will equally improve the livelihood of the inhabitants thereby improving the standard of living of the said dwellers.



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