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FITBANKER Kilimanjaro Leadership Summit 2018: Msandaka Deaf Centre, Tanzania

FITBANKER Kilimanjaro Leadership Summit 2018: Msandaka Deaf Centre, Tanzania

Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot!As part of FITBANKER's Kilimanjaro Leadership Summit agenda, we include a 'Seva Day' - a day of service where we contribute towards local communities our time, funds raised, and energy. As Gandhi said, to discover yourself, lose yourself in the service of others. The Seva Day happens the day after the climbers return to the base, following their 7 day journey up Mt. Kilimanjaro and back. This year we are supporting the Msandaka Deaf Centre, a primary school for the rural community deaf children, as well those with other disabilities in Moshi, Tanzania. They have 100+ children in their programme, which takes approximately two years to complete each grade.  A big funding requirement for the centre currently is making the food supply for the children healthy, sustainable, and self sufficient. They have built a modern chicken co-operative, and are looking to re-stock traditional village chickens that can produce both eggs and meat (eventually). Aside from the chickens, the centre needs funding for the initial feed as well. This initiative will provide the 100+ deaf kids with good nutrition through weekly eggs (high protein source), education and training to look after livestock, and how to become self sufficient. Ultimately, providing these rural community kids choice, opportunity, and above all dignity. With just 1-click you can help you support nutrition provision for disabled kids in poor communities. * Give however much you want* All payments are 100% secure* Why It's easy & transparent!Thank you!



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