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Return to Bethel Church for Ministry School Year 2

Return to Bethel Church for Ministry School Year 2

Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot! My name is David and I’m a lover and follower of Jesus Christ, eternal son of the Living God. My purpose and dream in life is to travel the world and help people grow in living out the culture of God’s kingdom, to speak on what that looks like, be a vessel for God to release his supernatural power love and words over people bringing Heaven to earth, and teaching others how to live in wholeness and freedom in body soul and spirit, growing as leaders and becoming the best version of themselves  In the academic year 2016 to 2017 I went to the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding California to grow in intimacte friendship with God and be equipped to do his works on earth, but what God had slightly different plans. While at BSSM God broke me down from the inside, took away lies about myself I had believed for years, brought up and got rid of junk in my heart that was not of God, and from there he remade the foundation of my heart.  I discovered with Sensei (Holy Spirit) who I am, believed in my self worth, grow tremendously in my friendship with God, received a newfound love for God’s written word, and discovered my purpose and what I was made for.   Nearly two years later the process of growth and transformation as a person continued on and I am a totally different person now, more powerful and stronger than ever I was before. The difference is greater than night and day.  Now through multiple confirmations from God including encounters with God through dreams, I know that I know this year in August 2019 I am to return to Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry year 2 where I believe God will grow and develop the gifts and anointing he has put on my life, to align me with new friendships and a community that I believe will be the beginning of living out the dreams in God’s and my heart which will impact the world and create a legacy which will continue long past the day I leave this world to be with Jesus.  Please feel free to donate however large or little into this money pott if you feel pulled toward investing in the vision of this page and believe in what God is doing in my life. I prophesy abundant prosperity and rich blessing and wonderful surprises over your life as you contribute toward this new adventure God and I are embarking on. He’s that good ;) With just 1-click you can help me cover the expenses I need for my 2nd year at BSSM2.* Give however much you want* All payments are 100% secure* Why It's easy & transparent! Thank you!



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