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Lutherie pot !

Lutherie pot !

Hi everyone !My sweet love and I have started the lutherie business not long ago after being in Newark-on-trent for a few years to learn the instrument making, repair and varnish process (guitars and violins).We are both absolutely in love of music and the fact that we are being part of this makes us even more happy than we already are.We live in France near Lyon and we are being known more and more since a few months which is absolutely awesome ! The reason for us to ask you a bit of help is because we don't have all the tools we need to properly do our job. There is not much that we miss, but the ones we don't possess cost a lot of money... Besides, we both have jobs but it is not enough unfortunately.We hope you can help us being more productive for our customers and we will be more than grateful !Thanks a lot for your support !! Antoine & Léa ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bonjour à toutes et à tous ! Mon tendre amour et moi avons commencé la lutherie peu de temps après avoir quitté l'école de lutherie de Newark-on-trent, Angleterre.Nous sommes de grands amoureux de la musique et le fait de faire part de ce monde nous rend de plus en plus heureux.Nous habitons en France à côté de Lyon et nous nous faisons connaître un peu plus chaque jours depuis quelques mois, ce qui est absolument merveilleux !Si nous vous demandons de l'aide, c'est parce que nous ne disposons pas de tous les outils nécessaire afin d'être le plus efficace possible dans notre travail. Nous ne manquons de pas grand chose, mais les outils que nous n'avons pas sont plutôt onéreux... Nous avons tous les deux un travail à côté de la lutherie mais ce n'est malheureusement pas suffisant.Nous espérons que vous nous aiderez du mieux que vous le pourrez afin que nous puissions être le plus efficace possible envers nos clients et nous vous en serons plus que reconnaissants !Merci beaucoup pour votre aide !! Antoine & Léa



Travel to contemporary dance contest for mature dancers

Travel to contemporary dance contest for mature dancers

I am a contemporary dance dancer and I am 41. That is the age around which many professional dancers stop dancing on stage. When you are 35, many financing opportunities are not available any more. Seeing my generation of dancers going off the stage I’m sad and it's not because that means I’m getting old. I’m sad because it would still be interesting for me to see them dancing. It would be interesting to see how the experience and wisdom collected by their bodies overtake the high jumps and speed and complex tricks and how this transforms their movement, their presence on stage. I believe the contemporary dance world could embrace the so called old dancers much more. Because of that I got inspired by the contest for mature dancers (those over 40 years old). I was curious to experiment with my own body to see whether it can still show something of interest to others. Whether it can express ideas and convey messages despite having grown and fed 3 children. I wanted to support the idea that dance is not only for the young, it’s for everybody. Also on the stage. So that we all have a choice: to watch the young health, speed and energy dancing or to watch the experience and wisdom dancing. I believe that both can be equally amazing. I am so excited to be selected to participate in the contest from over 300 applications from all over the world. The organisers provide accommodation and meals, so I just need to get there somehow. And you can help me to do that. The plane ticket Vilnius-Mexico costs around 1000 eur. By supporting my trip you support the idea that one can enjoy and share his passion despite the age. You support the idea of letting yourself be as you are at any age. You support sharing this internationally. Thank you in advance a lot.



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