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Killer Confessions (Film Trilogy)

Killer Confessions (Film Trilogy)

The Long Term Plan. Welcome to 'Cycle of Violence' A trilogy of interlinking short films.  Three patients, locked away from the world for their own safety, tell their stories. Murder, Love, Addiction, Redemption and Obsession all come into play in this feature length psychological thriller.  The ProjectWhat we are up to this year!  'Killer Confessions'We are looking to film the first part of this feature as a stand alone short film. This short will then be released to film festivals and independent distributors in order to gain greater funding and recognition from both the film industry and viewing public.  The Story When murder is not just a sin, but a disease. Meet Mark. Marks 27. Mark lives by himself. Mark is a serial killer. Haunted by the memory of his first victim, Mark is on a downward spiral of insanity. Will the appearance of a new love interest spell salvation or disaster? When your sharing your home with your first victim nothing is for certain. How can you help?We have already cast the film and shot a teaser trailer, but any project like this requires a budget. Funding is hard to come by and therefore we are turning to you, the viewing public. Any donation, of any size, is benefical. Your contributions go towards paying the actors/crew, renting locations and equipment, aiding distribution and advertising. We can not do it without your help, so therefore we are offering a series of insenstives.   Donations* £2- A personalised thank you card!* £5- A mention in the credits of the film and a personalised thank you card* £10- All of the above, plus a signed photo from the film* £15- All of the above, plus a signed poster from the film* £20- All of the above, plus a personalised video thank you from the cast.* £50- Two free tickets to the films premiere, two glasses of presecco and all of the above.* £100-  Four free tickets, a bottle of Presecco and a goody bag of merchandise* £200- Eight free tickets, two bottles of Presecco, a goody bag, invites to after party  However ANY donation is welcome!! Any money we are left with or generate from this first short will be invested in to the next two shorts! Meet the Team Nicholas Benjamin/Alexander Wright (Lead Actor/Producer/Story Writer)Nicholas is an actor, writer, director, producer with over 17 years of experience. Over the years he has worked for ITV, Discovery Channel, The Welsh National Opera, many bollywood production companies and countless Independent Film Companies. His most recent music video hit 50,000 views in less than 48 hours, and he has already been signed on to two films for working title. He met David, on the set of an independent film 'Strong' in 2018, and over the course of many drinks the passion project 'Cycle of Violence' was born. Nicholas is passionate about giving young artists a spring board into the industry and believe's that projects like 'Cycle of Violence' can act as one of those spring boards. David Ingram (Director/Producer/Screenplay Writer)David is a writer and director. 'Killer Confessions' will be David's directorial debut outside of short student film projects. David Holds a HND in Creative Media Production and currently working completing his BA degree in Film Studies at Oxford Brookes University. He met Nicholas during his time on the set of 'Strong' in 2018, which led to the pair cultivating this film trilogy, specifically this first film. It is the aim of this film to act as a way to build the experience of all those involved and path the way for future work to be created. Jack Parker (Director of Photography/Camera Operator/Producer)Jack will be acting as the man behind the camera on the set of 'Killer Confessions' as well as a producer alongside David and Nicholas. Jack holds a HND in Creative Media Production and is currently working to complete a top-up degree course in Media Production at Southampton Solent. Jack and David met through the HND course they both studied on. Since then the pair have frequently collaborated on vari



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