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A Solar Powered Paradise

A Solar Powered Paradise

Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot!Many people across the world still lack access to light and electricity and many more simply can't afford it. Roughly 30% of Kenyans have access to electricity and we aim to increase this number dramatically by harnessing the power of the sun. Our mission for this project is to connect institutions and homes to solar panels that generate all the electricity that's needed for the people there. In turn our customers pay off the price of the solar panels with convenient instalments after which, they are free from any other costs and yet continue to generate the energy they need.However there is a problem, many buildings may generate more energy than they require using these solar panels and so leads to waste of energy that could be harnessed. That's why we have developed the solar grid, similar to the national grid, we will harvest all the surplus energy produced by our customers using solar batteries and supply the National Grid. By selling this extra electricity to the national grid our clients receive compensation for being apart of our network.Solar Power harvesting farms require huge amounts of space to set up enough panels to generate enough electricity to power homes and other building in mass. However with our unique system, not only do we utilise the space already in existence, (rooftops or garden space for example) but every new customer becomes apart of this Solar Grid turning  residential homes, hospitals etc... effectively the entire country into one large solar power farm.So we are not only facilitating independent energy to all but a platform on which they can earn money supporting the country with clean renewable energy.With your support we aim to purchase our first solar panels and get them fitted for our pilot run. In addition the rest of the funds will go towards our staff and operational costs that are required in manifesting this unique idea into reality.



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