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Support These Wonderful Birds

Support These Wonderful Birds

Support the Eagle Club of Estonia and help protect these wonderful birds!* Give however much you want* All payments are 100% secure The Eagle Club of Estonia (Kotkaklubi) is a non-governmental organisation whose members have studied, observed and protected black storks, white tailed eagles, spotted eagles, ospreys, golden eagles and many more species for decades. Currently, the Eagle Club comprises 26 members. They include specialists in ornithology and nature conservation, foresters, and enthusiasts of nature and bird protection. Their primary objective is to guarantee the survival of endangered birds. Kotkaklubi promotes the principles of nature-friendly management of forests and agriculture. They also ring juvenile birds, place transmitters on several young and adult birds, build artificial nest platforms if needed, and take care of injured animals. In order to increase public awareness, they installed webcams and microphones on various nests. The Eagle Club has an ever-growing fan club for these webcams, and every year new people from all over the world join the ranks of observers. Always with the aim to transmit better images and sound to all of us, the Eagle Club pays a lot of attention to the quality of those cameras. All activities of the Eagle Club are voluntary, so they depend on the financial support of many projects and the donations of various organisations and private persons. Unfortunately, this support does not include some very necessary expenses.Currently, the Eagle Club is looking for support to their webcams.The regular replacement of components of the equipment needed to broadcast images is a cost that is not yet sponsored. In order to help the Eagle Club, we – forum members Jo, Anne and Kaori – decided to start this fundraising. We had the idea to write – and illustrate – a popular, yet factual book about the life of a black stork named Karl, a fascinating bird you can currently observe here: We have put a lot of love, time and energy into this book. A test-reader said: “It is a well-written story full of adventure, interesting facts and lovely illustrations.”We really hope you will enjoy it too!  Anyone who donates 10 € or more will be rewarded with a free copy of this digital book. Within two days at the latest, a secure download link will be sent to the email address that you mention with your transaction on Leetchi. Many thanks! Small Print: For ease of administration, our fund-raising website is being organised by a member of the support group, Josephine Coleman, who will receive any funds on behalf of the project. The accounting will be overseen by two witnesses.



The Ananda Elephant Sanctuary

The Ananda Elephant Sanctuary

We (also known as the elephant Freedom Project) are situated in Sri Lanka and are trying to improve the life of captive elephants. As animal lovers we didn't like witnessing the hardship we were seeing; day in, day out the same suffering and nothing we could do about it. We strive to create an environment without the usual abuse and hardship that goes on so often. We started thinking, what if we could create a place where the elephants don’t have to work? What if we could start a project where the elephants are free from being ridden and being a tourist attraction? What if we can have a place where they are happy, walk around freely, drink when they want, can play, get excellent care and all the love we can give? These are our goals. We are still a very young project, only opening in October 2013, and are very determined towards change and with your help we are slowly -but steadily- getting there! We currently care for two beautiful elephants called Manika and Seetha. Manika was our first elephant with Seetha joining her in July 2015. We are the only place in Sri Lanka that tries to improve the lives of privately owned elephants without offering rides or any other elephant entertainment. Buying an elephant is almost impossible. Most elephant owners are very rich and care about the status an elephant gives them and their family - they won't consider to sell or give away their prized possession. This means that we are forced to rent them in order to give them a life most elephants could only dream of and ensure she doesn’t end up at a riding place or another bad environment. The Ananda Elephant Sanctuary is the alternative to all these places. To find out more about our work visit our website: or like our Facebook page: * For the next stage of our exciting project we want to move into a larger site where we can hopefully give sanctuary to even more elephants. Our dream in for the sanctuary is for a semi-wild area but where they have all of the amenities they could possibly need: protective walls, a water tank, fruit trees, and enough space for them to roam freely.* Each Elephant has a keeper specific to them, they are called Manhouts. We would love to build accommodation for them next to the elephants so that they care easily care for them whenever the elephants need them.* In addition we would have a full time doctor, this means that the elephants would not have to leave the sanctuary in order to get medical treatment reducing the stress of being separated from the herd and the transport. When the doctor is not tending to our elephants we would use him to treat elephants at riding centers where they poorly attend the medical needs of their elephants.* Our current site wold not go to waste though. We would convert it into an eco-garden where we would grow vegetables and fruit for volunteers to pick and feed to the elephants.* We hope to buy a van also to transport volunteers to and from the new site easily. All of these changes would make us self-sufficient saving us money to continually reinvest back into our project. We really hope that you appreciate our cause make make a small donation. Every contribution helps rescue these beautiful animals.



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