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Macy life saving livershunt surgery

Macy life saving livershunt surgery

Macy, our sweet beloved 5 months old bernese mountaindog puppy, is born with a life threatening liver abnormality. It's diagnosed as a Portosystemic Intrahepatic Livershunt. The shunt is not normal operable because too many vessels are attached to it and it's too dangerous located in the liver, to have surgery on. In the next months, when there is no medical intervention, she will become seriously ill and cross the rainbow bridge before her first birthday...  We want to save her, but we are in need of financial support. We want to let her have the last possible major life saving intravenous surgery on her liver, to shut the shunt. This is a very difficult and expensive surgery that can take place when Macy is 6 months old (because of the completed growth of her liver). The medical costs will reach at least 10.000 euro After the surgery she can have a normal life again!!!  Macy means the world to us. After losing Max, our first bernese mountaindog, last June to cancer, we adopted Macy to lose the cloud of sadness that hung over our family... Saying goodbye to Max was so sudden, so heartbreaking... Saying goodbye to little bear Macy would be so devastating... She made us smile again after losing Max... We would be so grateful if you help us save Macy, every donation is very very welcome and we are thankful for every donation. You can follow our sweet Macy on Instagram: @max.and.macy.berners  to stay informed about her well being and her daily puppy life. Please help us save our sweet little Macy !!!



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