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P.E.T recycling plant

P.E.T recycling plant

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This project is for a PET recycling plant to recycle over 10,000 tonnes per year of plastic bottles as plastic flakes , around 360 million bottles.


What our project will do is take plastic bottles and turn them in to a use able clear material , which will be imported in to the European market where manufactures will use the "pet Flake" to make food and drink containers .we have a UK based Buyer for 50% of the annual capacity of the end product , this end product is in high demand so as we push forward we are positive that we will maximise the sales within the first 6 months .in the US alone the  demand for post-consumer recycled plastic is forecast to rise 6.5 percent per year on year , this will be reflected around the globe as time goes on , Our product is going to be in high demand with the demand growing year on year and giving us the opportunity to expand our capacity .


in the next 5 years we hope to have tripled our production and turning over near to 21 million USD.we will be able to self fund this with the maximum capacity sales . from each stage . We have over 500 hectares of land available for our environmentally friendly projects , and government and local approval for these projects . 

We all know about the plastic situation around the world and the effects it is having , and there is lots of recycling projects happening all round the world , But not many have ethical thinking ! Manly how much money can be made ! Europe has dump million if not billions of tones of rubbish in Africa countries over the past decades and it is not going anywhere ! We want to solve as many issues as possible in one place , within Morocco they have low employment , No welfare , poor living conditions and lots of plastic waste .

What we decided we can do is offer JOBS , Investment in housing , Training employs and help tackle the plastic pollution .

We know what a difference our projects can make and this is a near future proof investment in.


we are looking for investors who would like to take shares within our project , or investors who would like to make a fantastic return of investment .We are offering 35% of our company for the total amount needed , and have a return of investment over 5 estimated at 180%

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