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Help a student to pay her rent

Help a student to pay her rent

Hello! My name is Martina, I am a student and I desperately need your help!

I hate asking for money, but I find myself in a terrible financial situation. I am a student, and I usually have a job during my school year. While I had a job that helped me pay my rent, the shop I worked in closed down, and the money I had was barely enough to cover 2 months of rent! Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I was unable to find a new job that would have secured the last months I have left to pay on my tenant's agreement, and now as my parents cannot help me anymore (money is tight for them too), I find myself in a terrible situation, not being able to cover my last months of rent.

This is why I find myself on here, appealing to the good heart of people around the world. I repeat, I hate asking for money, and I know that there is people who deserve this more than I do, but please, I need your help right now. I normally am the one that donates for the wellbeing of others, knowing that if I found myself in their situation I would not mind some help. All I need is 600€ that would help me to cover my charges, and be sure to not be thrown away from my apartment.

I would love to thank you all in advance for your generosity and help, I know that if there is a God up there, they

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