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Emergency Appeal to help families in Gaza

Organisiert für Families of gaza

Save Gaza - save the world: a message to humanity

Donation of warm winter clothing and accessories displaced persons and residents of Gaza soon face another harsh winter away from the comfort and security of their homes. It is not prepared temporary shelters and refugee camps to frigid temperatures coming their way.

Winter aid. We are working to provide people with winter aid packages that include: A blanket, warm clothes, heating unit, carpets, shoes, jacket, socks, scarf, and gloves and mat. Will be allocated winter aid package in the region and requires an average cost of $ 110 each

What your donation can do

You have a $ 1,000 stock Clinic your $ 600 sponsors an orphan for a year your $ 500 provides vital medicines for 30 patients $ 100 feeds the family with the necessities for a month

Your brothers in gaza are waiting for your support 

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Nesreen khoury