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Zoi will slay Leukemia

Organisé pour : Zoi Qeraxhi

Our sweet Zoi has been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia and we are devastated by this event.

She is a bubbly 18 month old who rules the playground and brings light to all of us. Her streak of stubbornness will beat this monster that is trying to bring her down and she will have a lifetime to tell stories of how she slayed a dragon at such young age.


We are a young family from Albania with very little means, but just like any parents will do all we can to save our little girl. Zoi is in Italy, where she is undergoing treatment and her road to recovery is difficult and long.


We are pleading with all to help us as much as they can financially in this dire situation. Any amount however small will help. We will be forever grateful to the generosity of all family and strangers and hope that one day Zoi will pay this kindness forward!


with much gratitude

The Qeraxhi Family 


******Per the gjithe ata qe po dhurojne nga Shqiperia, Ju lutemi perdorni

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****For US Donors, if your donation gets denied the 1st time, please notify your financial institution to authorize the payment, otherwise it will be flagged as suspicious and denied again.


Apologies for the confusion, this is our first time crossing continents and we are very grateful for all your donations and patience.


Shume Falemnderit te gjitheve per dhurimet dhe bekimet



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Le 16 septembre 2018 Alma Waller a écrit :

Hello friends and family, 


we would like to thank you all for your generosity, well wishes and prayers. We are very moved by your response to our plea and will always be grateful. 


Zoi has started her treatment in Italy and so far is doing great. With the neverending energy and joy that only a child can have, she is facing everyday, as a new challenge at the playground, head on and fearless.


We look forward to sharing some positive news after her 1st round of treatment.


Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers.


Many thanks!

The Qeraxhi Family

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Alma Waller

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Le 20 septembre 2018
Ermira Demaj
Zoi sherim ye shpejte zemerr ne jemi me ty!
Le 11 septembre 2018
Adenisa Kullolli
Zoti te ndimoft zemra vogel
Le 11 septembre 2018
Edrion Lofataj
🙏🏻Hope she gets well soon🙏🏻
Le 11 septembre 2018
Florjon Koci
uroj sherim te shpejt
Le 11 septembre 2018
Altin Xh Doci
God bless Zoi, dhe te uroj sherim sa me te shpejte princeshe e vogel🤗🤗🤗🤗
Le 10 septembre 2018
Manjola D.
Good luck
Le 10 septembre 2018
Elvis Kena
Uroj sherim te shpejte per vogelushen.
Le 10 septembre 2018
Besjana Rustemi Imeraj
Uroj qe vogelushja te sherohet shpejt 😊
Le 9 septembre 2018
Flavia Myrtaj
Shpresoj qe Zoi te behet mire dhe te shijoje nje jete te gjate . Bekimet e perendise qofshin me ju ! Do jete ne lutjet tona !
Le 9 septembre 2018
Ari Son
Praying for Zoi .... god bless her.