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wwf fund raiser

Organised for: world wildlife fund

Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot!

I want to make this money pot to help the endangered animals in the world.

This would help all of these animals like rhinos and snow leopards,they are really in need of help because of poaching and climate change and the numbers of these species are declining at an unimaginable rate.

If a poacher is reading this please don't turn off this website. Why? Why do you hurt these helpless animals? Have they hurt you or killed you? Please donate to this programe if you don't want these animals to be extinct in the next years. There are 4000 snow leopards left in the world! So is it worth it? Just stop! It's useless! It won't help! Just stop killing them! You can help!

Please donate £1 to £10 to save all these animals.

Organised by

jack delargy