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Workers' Dhaba in Delhi

Workers' Dhaba in Delhi

Support the working people of Delhi NCR! Contribute for Workers' Dhaba!

The Workers' Dhaba is a citizens' initiative run by volunteers from across Delhi.

Our aim is to ensure food distribution in the city’s working class areas where, due to the health crisis and lockdown, people have have lost their sources of livelihood.

In the wake of the health and subsistence crisis triggered by the rapid spread of Covid-19 in India, the Citizen Collective for Humanitarian Relief, in association with the Centre for Education & Communication, is organizing emergency distribution of food/ration among the working-class families of Delhi NCR. As part of this initiative we have set up our first Workers' Dhaba (kitchen) in Delhi University.

We are providing rations and/or cooked meals to those families who have lost all source of income following the complete nation-wide lockdown ordered by the Indian Government on March 25. The cost for one family’s meal (5 persons) is around Rs. 250, and as of now we are able to reach about 800 people every day. We need your help and financial support to sustain and expand this effort and set up similar kitchens in other neighborhoods.

For more details, write to us or check our Facebook page - Workers' Dhaba

Any contribution would be extremely helpful. Do not hesitate to get in touch and spread the word!

Thank you for your support and solidarity,

Citizen Collective for Humanitarian Relief & Centre for Education & Communication (CEC)

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Workers' Dhaba