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Willows 5x5 Charity Football tournament

Willows 5x5 Charity Football tournament

Hello everyone & welcome to this money pot to help Children First Derby!

Come help and support Children First Derby ( and contribute to relieving the distress and suffering experienced by families and children!


We are students in the final Bachelor year of the Sports management program of the University of Derby. As part of one of our courses, we are organizing a charity sports event and decided to support “Children First Derby”. 


The aim of this charity which helps families and children who have suffered from, or are likely to suffer from, violence or maltreatment in their homes.


To raise as much money as we can, we are also organizing a futsal tournament at Willows Sports Centre in Derby. Your contribution here will be added to the funds we will raise during the tournament.


We strongly believe that together we can all make a difference in the lives of families and children supported by Children First Derby.


So, go ahead, with just 1-click you can contribute! All donations are helpful, even the smallest ones! And all payments are 100% secure.


Thank you!

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