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Organised for: Joseph Garbett

WidgetMaker is a SaaS that provides easy-to-embed Widgets thats has the sole aim to help aspiring bloggers increase the potential affiliate earnings on their blog. 


A great deal of hard work has been put in to make it as easy as possible for none-technical bloggers to get setup on the platform. Working with the current set of customers, we have a strong and stable platform, but, some extra help is now needed to get it over the line to make it a truely great business opportunity. 


With your help, we would like to grow the platform to over 3,000 active monthly subscriptions and start to use new and exciting technology. Funds raised would go towards getting another Developer, a Business Development Manager and Marketing. 


Who are we?Director: Joseph Garbett 



2017 (March): Started building platform

2017 (August): Alpha launch with 2 clients

2017 (October): Featured/Sponsored at UKMB event

2018 (January): Beta launch with 10 additional clients

2018 (May): Production launch 




I really hope you can help me realise this business opportunity.


Thank you.

Organised by

Joseph Garbett