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WHBPC 2014 - World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship - Championnat du Monde de Bike Polo

Organisé pour : Montpellier Bike Polo

Montpelier Bike Polo invites Mr. Do

We need your support, otherwise this won’t happen!!
In order to ensure live-streaming, Montpelier Bike Polo would like to invite Mr. Do.

Montpelier Bike Polo, who are we?

We have existed since 2011, we successfully organized the French Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships in 2013, and this year we are hosting the World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships (WHBPC2014).

WHBPC2014 will take place in Montpelier, a southern French city next to the Mediterranean Sea full of shellfish, seafood, and sunny beaches! But more importantly, in this city you will find motivated players who share the same passion as you - Bike Polo! Combine an ideal location and excited hosts with bikes, mallets, friends, nets, courts, and drinks and you have a monumental show!

Mr. Do, who is he?

A specialist of the art of live-streaming and video, Mr. Do comes from the United States. His craft: broadcasting bike polo around the world for all to see!

Our objective :

Live-stream WHBPC2014. Games will be viewed ALL OVER THE WORLD!!! Bike Polo is rapidly expanding. Broadcasting WHBPC2014 is a way to share competition, global connectedness, and love of the best sport around at the international level!

Why a fundraiser?

Because Mr. Do comes from the United States and we have to raise funds to allow him to make the loooooong trip…

Here’s the deal :

If you pay between 1-29 euros and you get a thank you from all the world-wide bike polo community.

If you pay 30-59 euros, we will send you a t-shirt from WHBPC2014. They are nice and you can choose your size. Whether it’s the latest fashion or not, you will have a bike polo t-shirt to be proud of.

If you pay 60+ euros, you will get the ultimate…a second t-shirt! This time it will be from Montpelier Bike Polo. It is blue and BEAUTIFUL!!!

And for the best contributor will have a front fixcraft hub.

Montpelier Bike Polo has the equipment for live-streaming but we need your support to bring Mr. Do to WHBPC2014! YOU! Yes, you, bike polo player or friendly spectator! Send some euros and you’ll make the international bike polo community happy. For the love of bike polo, THANK YOU!!!


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Bike Polo Montpellier

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Le 25 août 2014
benedikt gerlicher
Hi hope the stream is going to happen :) good luck!!! best bene p.s. for the T-Shirt: I need an L to benedikt gerlicher Gollierstr. 82 80339 München germany
Le 6 août 2014
Miguel Reis
As I am already taking part at the Championship this month and I guess I will receive a tshirt as well... can this one you'r giving for Mr. Do participants be a girl's size S ? It will be for my daughter! Merci bien!!
Le 31 juillet 2014
Germain Henry
See you soon les copains!
Le 28 juillet 2014
Tom Partington
Aus/NZ games please!
Le 27 juillet 2014
Ollie Wykeham
See you in five weeks!
Le 18 juillet 2014
brice raphalen
22€ pour aller jusqu'à 1300 ! désolé de pas faire mieux. bisous mes poulets du sud, hâte de KIFFER encore une fois avec vous ! MTP BP <3
Le 7 juillet 2014
SpatKevThibMatt MetzBikePolo
Merci pour votre taff, on vous retrouve pour les worlds. MetzBikePolo
Le 26 juin 2014
Julia Urtado
Le 15 juin 2014
Élodie Martini
Je vous aimes <3
Le 10 juin 2014
Christina Mills
Bonne chance!