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VSCode Textile Language Features

Organisé pour : Gérald HAMEAU

On my spare time, I'm developing, Textile Language Features, an extension to Visual Studio Code IDE, which eases the edition of textile markup files by providing :

  • a live HTML preview, and interactions between source and preview (sync scroll, double-click to sync)
  • to be done : paragraph folding, link to external document part, quicke search.

This work is based on :

  • VSCode Markdown preview : I try to reuse as much code as possible from this projet.
  • Textile-JS : This JS library transforms Textile into HTML. I forked it, to meet the requirements of my developments (in this PR, still not applied by the orignal maintainer)

I'll centralize fundings for both developments under this project.Both projects, and my final integration, are under the MIT license.The future works will target :

  • to add the "to be done" features listed above,
  • to keep in sync with the future features added by VSCode Markdown preview,
  • and, to integrate another "Textile 2 HTML" engine, supporting Redmine.


Want to help me to continue ? Help me to collect more donations, and share this post!!

Thank you all!


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