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Volunteering for VESA in Ecuador

Organisé pour : Ajay

Hello Friends and Family, I'm excited to say that I will be volunteering in Ecuador in the Amazon!


Myself and a group of others will be volunteering to help indigenous communities in Ecuador next June. We will be helping in many ways, including:

  • Building bathrooms for indigenous people, and so improving sanitation
  • Restoring much needed village school facilities
  • Teaching English to primary school children to give them the best chance of a successful future 

I feel extremely passionate about taking part in this project and doing all that I can to help. I would really appreciate any donations, small or large to help me complete the volunteering. As part of my fundraising, I will be taking part in a '4 hour CONSTANT hula-hoop' challenge on the 1st of January to show my dedication to the cause, with each £50 donated adding an extra 30 minutes to the overall time, so the more donations, the more I have to put in. The challenge will be streamed live on Facebook to prove that I am doing it and so you can check out my skills!


If you have any questions regarding my trip to Ecuador, the donation process and cash donations or the hula-hoop challnege, please feel free to message me personally. Also, I would be very grateful if you could like and share this post, and tell your friends or family that may be interested in donating.


With just 1-click you can donate:

  • Give however much you want
  • All payments are 100% secure

Thank you!

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Le 3 décembre 2018
Chetan Mistry
Good luck for the marathon hula....I'll be keeping an eye on you :D
Le 30 novembre 2018
Aruna Mistry
Good luck and make the most of your time there. Shankerkaka & Arunamasi
Le 29 novembre 2018
Reg Harris
Good luck!
Le 27 novembre 2018
Bhavin Mistry
Good luck Ajay! Have fun and make a difference!
Le 25 novembre 2018
Vinesh Mistry
Go for it Ajay, good luck !!