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The sudden blast took place at 7pm on Sunday on Hinckley Road in Leicester. One of the victimes Viktorija Ijevleva age 22 from Latvia is currently listed as missing until identified through the remains. 


Viktorija was a young woman who loved to spend a lot of her time with her family and two infant siblings. Last year she finished Norwich university and Monday she was supposed to start a new job as an accountant in Coventry but unfortunately as a result of explosion Viktorija never made it. Viktorija's mother is extremely devastated with her eldest daughters loss.Viktorija has little brother and sister. Mother is off work now and we dont know when she would be able to recover after her daughter loss and return to work. Her work is the only income for the family. As a great daughter Viktorija helped and supported her mum a lot.......


Now we would like to ask for help to raise money for Viktorija's funeral and to help her family. Any donation will be greatfull. 



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Marina cornaja

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6 March 2018
Greta Trijonyte
Пусть свет свечи согреет тебя на небесах...
6 March 2018
Mark Robins
A tragic loss of such a young life.
4 March 2018
Peter Thompson
So sorry for your loss.
3 March 2018
Dana Zhōngguó
R. I. P.
2 March 2018
Brinda Boodhoo
I'm so sorry for your loss. We lost our family members also in the tragedy. We hope and pray for all that has been affected that God will give us guidance. Our sincere condolences
2 March 2018
Marina Hume
Marina if you need anything or your family please be free to ask lots of hugs to you and all your family xxx
2 March 2018
Matthew Biddles
So tragic. RIP
2 March 2018
Jan Czerniawski
As a fellow East European, born long ago in Leicester, my heart goes out to your family, and our thoughts are with you. We encountered great warmth and hospitality from the people of Leicester when our family came to the City after the War, and I am sure that you also will do so.