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Support Masjid Quba

Support Masjid Quba


Masjid Quba - URGENT APPEAL 🚨 !!️

**Assalamualaikum to all my Brothers, Sisters in Islam we have a pledge for all of you to please help the house of Allah**

Support Our local Masjid Quba, based in Leicester, United Kingdom. It is in urgent need of fixing and renovating in order for the masjid to open after the current pandemic.

During its closed period it has racked up a high amount of bills - as the masjid was closed from its community. The sadaqah and local fundraising was cut off as everyone is facing difficulties.

During its empty period, we have had issues like broken windows, problems with the heating system and leaks from the roof.

Masjid Quba is in need of financial help, a beautiful mosque established for many years which serves the local community through its many services.

We could not believe the state of the Masjid in the heart of Leicester, it being the house of Allah, yet it seemed to lack love and community spirit. After visiting Masjid Quba in Leicester, we have taken it upon ourselves to help raise funds to have essential and emergency repair works done. Alhamdulillah we have already managed to get the lighting working but there is so much more to be done, by the will of Allah your donations will make a difference.

The Prophet (Sallallau Alayhi Wasallam) said: "Whoever builds a mosque for Allah, Allah will build for him likewise in Paradise" (Bukhari)

The Masjid have been fully transparent with all donations collected and inshaAllah we can follow the repair project of an integral part of our community.

Please don't forget, the Prophet (Sallallau Alayhi Wasallam) said: “Charity does not decrease wealth.” (Muslim)


- Roof

- Walls - Internal & External

- Windows

- Carpet

- Ceilings & Lighting

‏جزاك الله خيرا ‏وبارك الله فيك

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