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Unimat has risen as a settled and driving maker of mats and carpets, with over 30 years of experience.

As an organization with both Mexico and the US assembling and appropriation abilities, Unimat is occupied with the creation of items that are wonderful, practical, and have an elevated level of value, while speaking to an incentive for its clients.

It is remarkably situated to dispatch client's requests with unrivalled productivity, exactness and speed for a wide scope of mats and carpets.

Unimat has consistently put resources into faculty, offices and hardware to build up a framework that conveys better responsiveness than the requests of ever-changing retail, commercial centre. The organization is included profoundly qualified and experienced staff with broad and direct information on the business that feels glad to create robust working associations with their clients.

We provide equipment such as:

Speed Bumps & Humps

Cable Protectors

Parking Blocks

Rubber Corner Guards

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