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Twinnies Hell and Back

Organised for: Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary

Hello everyone & welcome to the Twinnies Hell & Back money pot!

We are Maria and Daria and for animals we  will jump out of a window....

No no sorry thats just that silly photo...

We are actually doing Hell & Back, an 8k obstacle course (apparently really tough) on the 6th October to raise funds for the Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary. 


Eden Farmed Animal Sanctuary opened in 2008 and is now home to almost 200 residents.

Eden provides a lifelong sanctuary where non-human animals who are rescued from animal-use industries are given a home in a place of safety, where they will never again be viewed as the property of humans and where they will be free from subjugation, exploitation and killing, instead allowed to live out their lives according to their own interests in so far as is possible.


If you want to find out more about their work please click below.


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Organised by

Maria Lukjanov