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Turtle conservation internship

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I am a masters graduate of Plymouth university in the UK. I studied environmental science and conservation biology. 


I'm currently doing an internship for a non-profit turtle conservation organisation in Montezuma, Costa Rica.

As it's unpaid, I'm finding it difficult to live on such a tight budget. I'm not here to give you a sob-story, I've had help from my mum as much as she can and I saved with work in the UK since I graduated. It's more expensive here than I anticipated.


I can't rely on my family for more money so I made this page on the off chance that the generosity of friends and strangers alike may help me out. 

If I can't raise any money, I'll cut my trip short, which would be a shame for both the turtles and myself. 


Thanks for reading, if you any questions about the work I'm doing here just get in touch! 

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