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Tulip children center

Tulip children center


In the Slums, life is quite hard due to poverty. Children are the most affected due to lack of food and most of them suffer from Malnutrition. Personally I was born and raised in the slums and growing up in the slums life was hard. Most Children in the slums are bright but their dreams dont come to pass due to the difficulty they go through. Most of the children end up engaging in vices such as crime in order to get food. It was due to these issues that I was inspired to Start Tulip Children Center that will at least change the life of most of the children in the slums.

The Aim of these project is to

Offer Mentorship to the Children living in the slums: We will be Mentoring Children by Equipping them with life skills necessary to make them survive.

Offer food and other basic needs for the orphaned and less privileged children in the society: The project is an income generating activity and the profits gotten from the project will be used to buy food and other basic needs for the children.

Most Families here in the Slums the only meal that they can afford to give their children is Ugali(which is made from maize flour) and Kales and as a result they tend to suffer from malnutrition. We will also be giving the children eggs that will at least help in improving their diet. I have for the eggs as most of the hotels that I have spoken to are willing to buy the eggs that we will be producing personally done my research here and I have realized that if we start these project of rearing layers there is already a market .

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Tulipchildren center