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Transgender Retirement Home Pakistan

Transgender Retirement Home Pakistan

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This money will be used specifcally to make the retirement home sustainable.  The primary focus is on installing solar panels to ensure the home has a clean, long lasting energy supply.  


Pakistan's "third-gender" people, or khawaja sehras as they identify, are often rejected by their families and can have no-one to look after them in old age.  Third-gender people are 50 times more likely to be living with HIV than someone from the general population in Pakistan - it's believed almost 5% of the community are HIV-positive.   


Now, Guru Ashee, an activist and a respected member of the community has opened a retirement home providing dignity for residents in their final years.  The retirement home has been eight years in the making. It opened in 2019 and provides accommodation, medication and food for 40 older third-gender people. It's part of a bigger project that will eventually incorporate a medical centre and additional housing.


Ashee's retirement home allows third gender people to spend time together in a private space where they are accepted. Food and shelter are the starting point but the fact that older third-gender people can be themselves and feel valued is truly revolutionary.


For more detail see:


The BBC documentary 'Our World : The Best Pakstani Transgender Retirement Home' is available on the @BBCNews channel and on @BBCiplayer


The retirement home has also been featured in @AttitudeMag @Dawn_News and other news outets


All funds raised will be sent to Naz Male Health Alliance, Pakistan's primary LGBTQ NGO.  See



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