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Transforming Waste Through Education and Empowerment in Malawi

Transforming Waste Through Education and Empowerment in Malawi

ICCM is Creating Opportunity, Protecting People and the Environment, by Reducing Waste

ICCM is a Malawian based social enterprise dedicated to tackling the unceasing issue of waste and our aim is to not only protect the environment but also the people who live in it.

Our main focus is educating the community with our ‘Reduction, Reuse and Recycle’ strategy but we also implement waste management best practise, waste collection and commercial consultation.

We rely heavily on our amazing volunteers and this allows us to pour any revenue into our projects and programmes but in order to spread our message further we require more funding to employ talented and dedicated individuals with the skills to take this enterprise further.

We have already provided education programmes to schools, expanded our commercial waste collection to over 30 businesses and funded community workers in starting their own eco-friendly businesses but with your help we could do so much more!

Your donations will help to preserve the undisputed natural beauty of the area, reduce respiratory disease in adults and children and allow us to help communities thrive where poverty is rife.

As COVID 19 is closing in on Malawi Duty of Care to our waste collection workers is key, this money will be prioritised to ensure our team have the correct PPE to start. All other donations will be used to build the capacity of communities to manage waste to improve their health, livelihoods and environment.



Our vision is to create and maintain a healthy environment by reducing pollution and the damage caused by unregulated waste disposal. Our waste ‘Reduction, Reuse and Recycling’ strategy is imperative to support this goal.

In the 4 years ICCM has been operating we have documented evidence-based research, secured income streams from waste collection and waste reduction business services. We provide commercial consultation/advice and deliver school programmes on environmental and waste management best practice. We support commercial activity and education in the community which helps relieve poverty and improves positive ideas/behavioural change.

We currently rely heavily on volunteers due to limited funding, but as we expand our aim is to identify new sources of revenue which will enable is to become self-funding, allowing us to employ talented and committed individuals who share our values.

Studies clearly document the negative effect that poor waste management has on the health and wellbeing of communities in Malawi. Broad environmental issues include water,soil and air pollution, as well as greenhouse gas emissions from uncontrolled open waste sites and associated transportation.

UN-Habitat (2010) reports that prevalence rates of acute respiratory infections among children living in households where garbage is burned in the yard can be six times higher compared to houses where waste is collected regularly.

Our team work to transform waste into a resource, creating economic incentives as social drivers to behaviour change.

Our achievements up to date include:

• Environmental waste management (re-use & recycle) best practice education to students in both government and private schools.

• Training and supported development of the skill-sets of ICCM employees and volunteers.

• Supported Clement Kandodo, a former ICCM volunteer in setting up his own successful environmentally friendly biogas company.

• Increased the skills of practical innovators enabling them to become productive environmental designers and teachers.

• Engaged with over 30 organisations & businesses promoting environmental best practice and compliant waste collection services.

• Created a platform for waste stakeholders to discuss key issues for knowledge sharing, efficient waste management and waste innovations.

• Secured a ‘Letter of Support’ from Environmental Affairs Department (Malawi Government) to setup waste collection in the Capital City of Lilongwe.

ICCM need financial support to deliver an increasing number of vital educational activities and projects. This will enable us to hold and regularly deliver waste educational waste management events, youth panel meetings, entrepreneurship events and activities to promote ethical waste management practice.

Equally we are committed to supporting waste innovators with the provision of design knowledge, tools and equipment to enable them to generate income from agri-waste and eco-waste derived product or solution sales.

If you would like to help us make a real difference - where it is desperately needed by making a donation, you can be assured that every contribution, no matter how large or small will be appreciated and be used effectively to Create Opportunity, Protect People and the Environment by Reducing Waste.

Thanks again

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