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Organised for: Associazione The Toy Smuggler Onlus

Trapped in a civil war-torn country, children of Syria are impacted greatly with little to brighten their days. One man, Rami Adham, has been trying to change that, by restoring hope through delivering toys to these children as a way to bring some happiness to their lives.

Well known around the world now as the “Toy Smuggler of Aleppo,” Pretty much all the world known CNN, BBC, REUTERS, ALJAZEERA, RTL, LE MONDE media outlets has covered his extraordinary mission as a humanitarian.

Rami Adham is a 46-year-old Finnish-Syrian origings and father of six himself who moved to Finland in 1989 coming from Aleppo his hometown.

Since the vicious civil war in his origin country began, Adham has dedicated his time traveling to refugee camps through Turkey to better the lives of children there. He has now 35 humanitarian trips in the past 8 years, each time bringing with him over 80 KG of donated toys and delivering them to children who lost everything.

Adham explained that the inspiration behind bringing toys with him over the border is his daughter idea, Jasmine. As Adham prepared for the first trip to Syria as part of his 1st campaign in 2012, Jasmine collected a bag of toys, weighing about 30 kg, and gave them to her father to hand out to children there. Overwhelmed with his daughter’s idea, he decided to bring an additional 100 toys that first trip and has continued delivering toys over the border since then.

In addition to bringing toys over the Turkey border and into refugee camps, Adham also delivers with  him food, medicines,  and more importantly he built 3 SCHOOLS providing proper EDUCATION for more than 600 childrens, all that  from the money that he had raised through the charity he founded, the Toy Smuggler Onlus.Rami is now hopes to build more educational facilities to those who have no possibilities to attend schools.HELP PROVIDE HOPE & EDUCATION TO THOSE WHO NEEDS IT THE MOST 🙏

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