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The return of the British and German Royal Families

The return of the British and German Royal Families

Dear leetchi members and funders, people of the great European nations and people of the great nations of the world, this is King Ben, I am the most Royal person in the world.


My parents were kidnapped from Buckingham Palace in 1945, they were born in the previous two years and were less than two.


They have now been married for 50 years and are 74 going on 75.


They were kidnapped by Keizō Hayashi


a Japanese war propagandist, founder, and leader of the modern Japanese Self Defense Forces. 


He was also an excellent filmography and cinematographer, and produce and starred in many theatre productions and movies. 


He was Mickey Rooney, who was also Jack Warner and Walt Disney.  These large enterprises were only possible with Japanese portside activities around the world. 


He was also former British Prime MInister Sir Stanley Baldwin, Sir Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, and Adolf Hitler.


Anyone who tells your to believe in the First and Second World war are only emphatic due to its reported severity and size. The war didn't occur but rather, in the North Atlandtic and aroudn the world there was a system of Japanese media production by that time that enabled Embassy run media businesses to portray the war and report it.  It was all acted and portrayed by Japan. Most of it was filmed in Japan.


I believe Keizō Hayashi is a war criminal for making so many people believe in the First and Second world wars.


However he is not an abuser in the sense that he caused or carried out factions within the wars or committed atrocities. 


From my perspective, Japan is responsible for disappearing my grandparents, King George V and Queen Mary, and kidnapping their first and second child, my parents, who were kidnapped at age less than 1 and one and a half. They don't know they were kidnapped. 


They were removed to Australia and raised by Japanese agents, some of them, original kidnappers of my parents. 


Please view a photo mosaic I compiled some 4 years ago, reflecting on Japanese espionage and cinematography, and military propaganda:


Getting on to nicer things,  I now hope to earn some money from leetchi, if and only if I convert new believers in me, and away from Queen Elizabeth II, who, like her father, George VI and grandfather, Edward VIII (Keizō Hayashi), are feigned, Japanese Embassy imposters and replacers of the real Royal family which has suffered from Japanese attrocities (the disappearence of my grandparents, I only have one set, and I would argue, the snatching of my parents when they were babies from Buckingham Palace by Japanese envoys employed by Queen Mary to child mind as nannies).


I hereby call on the crowd funders to believe me and not Queen Elizabeth II.  


Something even worse happened, when Keizō Hayashi stopped caring for my father (he died in Sydney aged 51 - this was a feigned death), however my father viewed his father for some mintues at home before the body was removed. My father arrived home to event and was not present at it. They age of 51 is a little sullen for an age of death. In fact, Ernest Stevens, who was evading detection around the world, lived in Sydney in Sans Souci.  


He later slipped into other identities including as a cousin of mine that is female. He is the man in Birdcage, Nathan Lane

and was also Danny Divito.  


The person may have also portrayed my adopted sister Karen.


It goes on, the person may have been my headmasters and also gone to school with me, and brought other Japanese agents in around my classrooms, pretending to be co-students for many years from year 1 to year 12, and also in university.


Japan managed the situation with its access to its 16 intelligence agencies and with its founding, administration and control over many other intelligence agencies in the world.


Japan has tried to paint a dire picture in my life which is falsified and framed.


Japan has a mezzainine level infiltration in many nations and can work through US intelligence agencies.  It would be silly to say that George Bush Senior and Junior were not Japanese by looking at their faces and eyes, clearly they are. 


Michael Jordon was Japanese and wore stilts.  Mike Tyson was done with minature boxers.


Tennis stars such as Bjorn Borg, Jimmy Connors, Pat Cash, Boris Becker (Jim Henderson and Martin Stevens who went to school with me), etc were Japanese actors on stilts, including Mal Anderson who coached me personally in Brisbane and was a US Open winner.


The singer of 'I've Got No Roots' is a former Queen Elizabeth II spy who was next door to my family at Salisbury Street, Penshurst when we lived there during the 1980s, but we later relocated to Brisbane because my fathers job at the Department of Veterans Affairs was relocated by bosses in Sydney. 


Whilst my father worked hard on his Jazz Trio in Sydney, and completed 2 out of 3 years of a science degree, quitting to focus full time for a while on music, noting he has worked for the Department of Veterans Affairs for 43 years and has been retired for over 10 years, my mother who was brought up in Brisbane, was introduced to him, she was in Sydney to work as a qualified nurse.


Meanwhile, Ernest Stevens stole his kidnapped sons' musical beats which were dubbed for The Beatles, who couldn't play the drums properly and relied on new Dolby tape splicing and re-recording of my fathers' drumming. Ern purchased a tape recorder for my father.


It was a very large machine with rolls. This was during the mid-sixties.


Buddy Rich also stole my fathers drum beats. 


Japan reflects on this by using drumsticks on the lapels of Austrlaian generals such as the Field Marshall. The ranks of the Australian military is visable online.


The story goes on and includes efforts of Japan to cause hardship to our family, and attack us. Its a long story.


My three younger sisters are all employed and did well in school and university. 


I struggled at highschool but I believe I was set up by a system of Japanese cohorts at the private schools which cost my father.


I eventually graduated in 2007 with an Advanced Masters of Business Aministration (MBA - Advanced). However I have noticed that Japan has agents representing themselves as the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor of Oxford University.  I am challanging this and have informed the Oxford Magistrate and Oxford Unversity, the Supreme Court and the British Government and military that I am the Chancellor of Oxford University. I have also proclaimed my vows of accession to the throne to the Accession Council of the Privy Council of the United Kingdom but only by email.  I believe the council is inundated with Japanese representativies. 


I have started to deal with Japanese parliamentary spying around the world. To this effect the Australian Attorney General Department has introduced a new law to deal with the problem:


This law includes the ability to register Japanese spies in the nation, who are long term 'replacers' of locals in all sorts of management of many organisations in the nations' government and corporations etc.  


Globally, Japane mints and runds central banks and banks, I bleieve this is a criminal activity and UN organisations such as the Bank or International Settlements are involved. 


I note that the European Union is run by a system of Japanese mezzainine spying and many of its participants including national ministers in Europe are Japanese disguised ministers in a system similar to Japan's Shadow Embassy, the United Nations which mimicked agenies that our family founded as it was constructing the modern British Empire.


We did alot, Japan did a little, it was sort of a mafia constabularly in New York, which by the way feigned the '911 attacks', which refer by the way to a car made in Germany by a company controlled by Japanese tactics which include disguising as Europeans at work.


Volkswagen is run in this way.


What I want?  I am seeking crown funding to return to the throne at least myself (even if it is not appropriate for my family to 'endure'.  


The  Crwon Estate and Royal Residences are mine but Japan is squatting in it, I have issued probate and advised the London Probate office and Magistrate courts around Britain.


Japan has been representing itself as British prime ministers since the 1930s however. This is true of all nations or most.  Japan stole the governacne and intellgience functions of the nations. 


I hope the Australian Foreign Transparency 2018 Act will go some way in relieving this situation in Australia, and I hope that it demonstrates to other nations, that they must break free from the bonds of Japanese Empiricism, which exploits the humans ability to accept lies as truth, if presented well enough, and military propaganda from Japan did a very good job, after Japan stole printing and other equipment from London and ran 'The Times,' a 238 year old newspaper that the Japanese embassy that removed my parents from the Palace, assumed to manage. Japan eventually formed Hollyword movie studios, news agencies, and dominated in TV manufacture and broadcasting. 


Peoepl on TV that look caucasian are sometimes or nearly always Japanese, and dignital TV seemed to increase this sensation.


I note my great great grandfather, King Edward VII, invented the car, plane, and telephone, and showed great interest in the German invention of Radio.


I note his first 'car' featured a new single piston combustion engine invented most likely in Germany.


The 'Wrights Brothers' are Japan's reflection of my great grandfather and my grandfather and their contribution to early flight.


Best Regards


King Ben










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Ernest Stevens Benjamin


King Ben Chief of the House of Saxe Coburg Gotha