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The day that changed my life.

Organisé pour : Louisa Kelly Brochet

7th of July 2016 , the day that changed my life.

I am a woman of 43 years old, I am married to an exceptional husband  and I have two children a girl 12 years old, and a boy 10 years old. They are both absolutely magnificent and I am so lucky to have such a caring family.

I will keep this short , as most of you know the story, and I am also typing with one finger.:)

On the day mentioned, I was struck by a severe bacterial meningitis and was left in a coma,intensive care,for 5 months.Result is, I was left being practically paralsyed on the right side, could not walk and had no use of my right hand, lucky me I was right handed sad I was left half deaf wearing now an implant in the left ear and a hearing  aid in the right.They both now work extremely well and I am happy with them.

The menigitis was provoked by a blood disease, myeloma, which  I had somehow caught unaware.I won't bore you with all the details.......just to say... I SURVIVED! must have been the kelly warrior in me that my husband and my dad say that I have.


Now I go to the progress part and the part that concerns you. I exercise 6 days a week, I have bought myself a cross trainer that I use 5 days of the week  for 30 minutes. On top of that I do stepping exercises and exercises with dumbbells for my muscles that have been a bit flattened during my 1.5 years spent in hospital.On saturdays, I go to the gym ,there I use the treadmill and the muscle machines.The rest of the time I walk whenever I can.

My goal/objective is to run 10km , again.I am very motivated to be fully recovered

laugh.The sky is the limit!!!

This cagnotte is to ask you,  if you would like to contribute to my progress and motivation by helping me to buy an Adult electric tricycle.

This tricycle will be good for me because I have a problem with balance. It will also allow me to go up the town with the motor and allow me to have more autonomy. I can also go for a cycle with my children and husband, in the long days now, and when I feel tired I can always put on the motor part!

I have left underneath a link where you can consult the type of tricycle  have decided on.


The amount of my cagnotte includes accessories I have selected for example foldable in two parts to go on holidays with, anti theft lock.

PS Photos will come soon will be posted on facebook, instagram.

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