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The ARC Centre

Organised for: Animals of the ARC Centre

Raising money to help The ARC Centre through Covid-19.

We are a small animal education in Selsdon, Croydon. Due to Covid-19 we have decided that as of 16:15 on March 18th we are closing our doors. We are incredibly concerened and worried about shutting The ARC, but due to new government guidelines we feel it is within the best interest of all our Rangers. Not only this, but as we are such a small centre, we are worried about the risk of Rangers Louise and Iain falling ill at the same time. We need to make sure that we are able to continue looking after the animals throughout this and we are therefore looking to minimise risk of exposure. 


We are also concerned about the risk to our primates. There is no evidence currently to suggest that covid-19 can spread to animals, but obviously primates would be at the highest risk. Due to this we have already quarantined our rainforest biome. 


Aside from the risk of infection, we are greatly concerned about the effect shutting is going to have on our business. We have only been open 18months and are such a new business, with very high outgoings. From animal feeds and vet bills, to electricity bills and general animal supplies, we are worried about getting through this pandemic and still being able to open on the other side. We know that this is a truly terrifying time for everyone and we completely understand that not everyone will be in a position to help financially, but if anyone can help during this time of crisis we would be incredibly grateful.

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