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Testament of the Dead is a low budget horror but very commercial genre project designed to get maximum returns for both producers and investors.


Paying homage to some great horror writer’s such as John Carpenter’s “Halloween” and Don Coscarelli’s “Phantasm” - "Testament of the Dead" cannot fail to appeal to the huge cult following of that era and the massive horror film industry of today.  The 80’s has never really lost its appeal but is big business again – think Netflix’s “Stranger Things” for example. Of course, investing in horror is pretty much a safe bet as horror films rarely lose money.  This is unique in the film industry.  Look up the profit margins of such LB films like Halloween, The Purge, Phantasm, Friday 13th, Scream, The Fog and you will see where I’m coming from.  Again Halloween 2018 cost $15 million to make and made $255 million at the box office.


Testament of the Dead meets the needs of all horror fans and trust me, horror is big business.  Set in the coolness of the 80's we have fast bikes, demons, glowing eyes, a good looking cast, the man from downstairs himself, re-animated dead (Not zombies), the occasional accidental beheading, yeah, right!, and death itself turn upside down.


"The living are only the dead on vacation"





The film starts at the funeral of Dan’s mother Anna. His father, Rob, arrives whom he hasn’t seen for years. Dan, you see, blames his father for his mother dying of cancer.  Tina, his girlfriend, manages to calm Dan down as Dans resentment towards Rob starts to show but then the Vicar arrives, he delivers what can only be described as a surreal sermon.  The Pallbearers then enter with the coffin, all strangely wearing sunglasses, inside?  Dan feels as though he recognises one of the Pallbearers as his friend Mickey. The only problem with this is - Mickey has been dead for 7 years.


Dan, with Tina, decides to go to his father’s house & confront him about the past.  He then confides in Rob over whom he felt he saw at the crematorium. Dan finds a photo of himself & Mickey at school.  Rob, being Rob & slightly pissed, decides at the dead of night to ride his bike to the crematorium to see what’s going on.  Dan & Tina have no choice but to follow on Dan’s motorbike.


They break into the rear of the crematorium & the nightmare begins to unfold. Upon finding a room full of stolen dogs they decide to investigate further.  They find a morgue where there are several bodies covered with sheets.  One of them just happens to be Dan’s not so dead mother, Anna.  Rob loses it & decides to take Anna home. They manage to get Anna out of the crematorium but then Mickey, with glowing eyes, appears & everything changes.  Anna also no longer appears to be Anna and wants nothing more than to kill… well, all three of them, as does Mickey.


Tina is taken captive by the Vicar, umm! The devil, and taken through a porthole to another dimension, Rob gets changed into ‘ONE OF THEM’ and it’s down to the heart broken Dan to save the day.  Does he?  Can he?


"You would imagine that death is simply a matter of dying...

you would be mistaken"






We have a wonderful cast, that can only help attract attention and interest in the film.  


NICHOLAS VINCE - I'm sure all you horror fans out there will recognise this name.  Nicholas played The Chatterer Cenobite in Clive Barkers 'Hellraiser' and Kinski in 'Nightbreed'.


CAROLINE MUNRO - From James Bond, Hammer House Horror films and much more, Caroline is a real assest to the film for many obvious reasons.


KEVIN SPIRTAS - 'Friday 13th', 'The Hills Have Eyes', 'Bloodstone', 'Daredevil', 'Quantum Leap'.  What more can I say?


MATT KENNARD - Best known for his roles in 'Coronation Street', 'Hollyoaks' and 'The Doctors'.  We spotted him in the film 'Ibiza Undead' and decided he would be ideal to play the young hero in the film.


DAKOTA BLUE RICHARDS - Dakota Blue Richards debut was in the film 'The Golden Compass'.  She has not as of yet commited to the film but may do so if we can raise the funds needed to make the film.  Of course, any other suggestions from our followers for our young lead female star are welcome.


As you can see, our leading stars come from a diverse arena.  We have a verstile range of actors, which given their range of ages, their history and nationalities, can only help attract a wide audience.







Any other productions who would like to get involved, please do contact me, Demetri Turin.  Thank you.









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