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Team Belgium, Oxford Global Resosurces

Team Belgium, Oxford Global Resosurces

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our fundraising page on

We've chosen to fundraise for and Ladder’ Our team will attempt to cover over 2800 Kms during the month of August and all funds raised through sponsorship will go directly to these two great causes. changes lives by training and placing assistance dogs with persons with motor disabilities or epilepsy. Our wagging assistants are happy to make tasks possible for their owners on a daily basis. They are also invaluable in terms of emotional support.The value of an assistance dog is priceless. Not wanting an assistance dog applicant to experience a financial barrier, Hachiko donates her wagging helpers to their owner for free. One assistance dog that completed the training and is followed up for life costs the association about 25,000 euros. This amount is supported by sponsorship and the generous donations of people who believe in the indispensable added value of assistance dogs.

Ladder’ The ultimate goal of Ladder'op can be summarized in one sentence: "to offer Brussels vulnerable children the necessary opportunities so that their talents blossom and their dreams come true"

Many Brussels children today face very great challenges and often do not find the way to success and self-development. So much talent is lost simply because of a lack of correct information. Many children only need a little push to get there, which is why Ladder'op vzw was founded in 2015.

Please help us help them. Your donation is greatly appreciated.

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