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Svenja’s UTMB Fundraiser

Organised for: Svenja Keller

The Race That Counts


A famous ultra runner once said to me “you have to go for the race that counts”. 


Two years ago, on a holiday in France, I found that race – the UTMB (Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc).  171km and 10,300 metres of ascent (and descent – there aren’t many flat parts on this run!), 46.5 hours cut off time and two nights of running, following the Tour de Mont-Blanc hiking path through the Alps in France, Italy and Switzerland. 


  • 2 years of preparation
  • Over 2,000 training miles
  • 4 qualifying races (1x50 miles, 2x100 miles and 1x110 miles)
  • And many glasses of wine I had to say no to!


And I now have a place in the UTMB 2018! :-)


I decided to run the race for charity. The race means everything to me but running it for charity makes it so much more important. Please support me and the two amazing organisations I am raising funds for:


  • The Motor Neurone Disease Association - this is for my dear friend Mike Crisp and his family. Mike – you are one of the bravest people I know. I admire how you embrace life.


  • The Ultra Sports Science Foundation – they do some fantastic research for the very sport I love and they are the organisation that is giving me the place in the UTMB. Thank you. 


Now all I have to do is train for the race… 


Thank you for your support! 




Organised by

Svenja Keller

Hugh Vivian contributed £30

Alan Hatherall contributed £70

George Rudland contributed

zoe zambakides contributed

G Neale Neale contributed £30

John Willding-Jones contributed £25

Tom Moloney contributed

Rachel Winter contributed £20

Charlie Maclean contributed £25

Leelee Jordan contributed

James Irvine-Fortescue contributed £20

Hilary Caudle contributed £100

shelain lakhani contributed £21

gary meredith contributed £50

Nancy Larson contributed £11

Matt Roche contributed £30

Mark Bevan contributed £30

Mike Savage contributed £33

Pasquale Manganella contributed £30

Philip Bevan contributed £30

Alan Purkiss contributed £20

Fran Wentzlau contributed £20

James Dunn contributed

Tom Fagg contributed £25

11 September 2018
Charlie Maclean
Well done Svenja! Amazing achievement!
11 September 2018
James Irvine-Fortescue
Massive congratulations Svenja on this monumental effort. Hats off. James
6 September 2018
Hilary Caudle
Wonderful that you should do,this walk for such a worth while charity, xx
3 September 2018
shelain lakhani
Well done! A fantastic achievement and a great cause.
3 September 2018
gary meredith
well done, incredible achievement!
31 August 2018
Matt Roche
Very best of luck!
30 August 2018
Mark Bevan
Looks a doddle!!….good luck!
29 August 2018
Mike Savage
Hey svenja Best of luck for your adventure .will buy you breakfast too on your safe return.mxx
28 August 2018
Philip Bevan
Very best of luck Svenja!
28 August 2018
Alan Purkiss
Very good causes, all the best.