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Support Toshi / Switch Stance Riding

Support Toshi / Switch Stance Riding

Our friend Toshi Kozaka / Switch Stance Riding from Japan needs our help !

Toshi Kozaka is the one & only one japanese participant to this year Sultans of Sprint challenge. This past week end while exhibiting his sprintracer at the Bike Shed London, the van of the japanese team was stolen with all their race gear (helmet, suits, tools, spare parts, apparel ....) in addition to 2000€ cash & credit cards!Fortunately the bike was not in the van at the time and they were able to store/exhibit it thanks to the Bike Shed MC crew.Switch Stance Riding is a self funded company and they worked hard over the past 2 years saving money to be able to make this journey to race with the Sultans of Sprint all over Europe. Any help or support you will be able to provide them would be greatly appreciated as they are in a major bind not only financially but with the sentimental nature of the items that were in the van .... 

Please give what you can & help us collecting funds to support our dear japanese crew to face this bad situation ... share this link ! Many thanks!!#supportyourlocalsprintracer #morethanjustsprintracing #sultansofsprint

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