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Support Toshi / Switch Stance Riding

Organisé pour : Toshiyuki KOZAKA

Our friend Toshi Kozaka / Switch Stance Riding from Japan needs our help !

Toshi Kozaka is the one & only one japanese participant to this year Sultans of Sprint challenge. This past week end while exhibiting his sprintracer at the Bike Shed London, the van of the japanese team was stolen with all their race gear (helmet, suits, tools, spare parts, apparel ....) in addition to 2000€ cash & credit cards!Fortunately the bike was not in the van at the time and they were able to store/exhibit it thanks to the Bike Shed MC crew.Switch Stance Riding is a self funded company and they worked hard over the past 2 years saving money to be able to make this journey to race with the Sultans of Sprint all over Europe. Any help or support you will be able to provide them would be greatly appreciated as they are in a major bind not only financially but with the sentimental nature of the items that were in the van .... 

Please give what you can & help us collecting funds to support our dear japanese crew to face this bad situation ... share this link ! Many thanks!!#supportyourlocalsprintracer #morethanjustsprintracing #sultansofsprint

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Le 12 juin 2018 Sultans of Sprint morethanjustsprintracing a écrit :

Dear friendsMany thanks for your contribution to support our buddy Toshi to continue is journey all over Europe. Here is the latest update and the story is coming to a happy ending thanks to your help !



"After a hectic two week ordeal, we found our van! A heartfelt “arigatou” goes out to all the legends @thebikeshedmc, Sébastien Lorentz from the Lucky Cat Garage,the Sultans of Sprint family, and Shoei Europe for the outpouring of friendship and support during such a shitty time! We were moved by your gesture of kindness, this truly exemplifies what a bike community should be.

Despite discerning rumors that others spread about the situation being “all good”, it wasn’t! To clarify, the van was stolen in Brixton and was off the radar for three days until it was dumped in a random street and recovered by a towing company.

We then had to fight tooth and nail to get our belongings returned. Luckily, the thieves must’ve not been into motorcycles as most of our race gear was intact, but the they still managed to knick our wallet with most of our money and credit cards, laptop, and camera! What was supposed to be a relaxing week exploring the English coast was spent jumping through hoops like circus animals around London while being lied and mislead with confusing and conflicting information from @Hertz To say the least one would think such a large company would handle such situations in a more prompt and professional manner. We’re still exhausted, frustrated, and sleep deprived, but staying positive and not letting this get us down from continuing to live the dream! See you in a few days at Punks Peaks at Wheels and Waves. Pop over and say hello!">> Please send us your name & complete postal adress as we want to send you something to thank you for your contribution to .


See you soonbest regards,



Toshi, Rio, George & the Sultans of Sprint crew.



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Sultans of Sprint morethanjustsprintracing
Le 7 juin 2018
Ralph Schmuck
Le 4 juin 2018
Daniele Ghiselli
Speed and friendship is our religion!
Le 3 juin 2018
uwe kostrewa
a great support from you "sultans of sprint" ... good luck to toschi on his further journey. see you at W & W
Le 2 juin 2018
Martin Dalby
Hope this helps. Good luck with the rest of your journey.
Le 2 juin 2018
hope this can help you in anyway !!!! We're so proud to have you guys in the championship; as you can see Sultans are also a familly; an you're a part it !!! Best regards Clément
Le 1 juin 2018
pip davidson
Not a massive donation but hope it helps :)
Le 1 juin 2018
Nick Sharp
Sorry to hear of the recent theft, please accept some English hospitality, wish you luck 😎
Le 1 juin 2018
Dutch van Someren
It was a privilege to have you at Bike Shed London 2018. I hope our modest contribution helps. Best of luck, and we hope to see you again soon. Meanwhile - we are still keeping you bike safe at the Bike Shed Motorcycle Club.
Le 1 juin 2018
Camilla Cima
I'm with you my new friend!
Le 1 juin 2018
Merci d'avoir aidé mon ami.