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How many fruits have you eaten today? Given the Indian average food habits, I know, none. But that's your life, and your pocket's depth after all. Okay, so while all Kashmir people are terrorists, all small traders who can't donate crores to the "party funds" are anti-nationals and are to be therefore punished via demonetization and crazy tax GST and various other draconian measures until military beats them up.


The list of such anti-nationals includes the fruit traders too. They procure fruits from all over, yes even from Kashmir, and bring them to your doorstep for ridiculously nominal profits. Hardly any savings they have; hence, as they say, "contribussan to the Nessan" is zilch. Meanwhile, what happens to their "biwi-baccha", family? They don't starve actually, but are always vulnerable, especially when sick with a rather uncommon kind of disease.


So, we come back to our little angel Shagufta Parveen (16/F), who has been in various hospitals for last couple of months or more. Shagufta has a condition called Pancytopenia, where blood-cells density reduces drastically, and platelet count falls far below normal. Blood is not produced in her body as much as is required. The latest hemoglobin count was 3.9 g/dL! Now the doctors in Calcutta Medical College (Haematology) assure the family that the "disease" may be managed with a bone-marrow transplant IF there is a donor of bone-marrow in the family.


Of course, given the current state of affairs, the treatment is beyond the dreams for that family. Her diet chart too is full of expensive items like Kiwi fruits (Rs. 30-40 per piece) etc. Yesterday when I went to see her in the hospital, she was still waiting for her lunch (2:30 PM) because there is nobody to bring her food from home - everybody is busy in the Mandi trying to gather money bit by bit. We ordered her food via Zomato there, that arrived around 4 PM. Just imagine a patient with her condition starving till afternoon.


To cut a long story short, our little angel Shagufta Parveen is suffering from an autoimmune disease, SLE induced, ANA positive Pancytopenia. She will require lifelong medical support, and a decent diet. This is an unaffordable ask for her family, father being a fruit vendor, and mother and brothers being casual workers.


During the initial few months, she might need a little more of our support, but later on, as the things fall in groove, the monthly requirement may come down to a bearable level.


We have pledged to support her through the initial turmoil. The requirement is not that big, if a few of us join hands. Those who can afford to donate and build up a fund for her, please do so here.


With just 1-click you can help an individual in need cover medical expenses and get back on their feet.

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