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Support Jeremy and Family

Organised for: Jeremy Collot

Dear everyone,


As some of you may know, Jeremy, one of my colleagues, has been suffering from chronic illness and physical pain for 2 years, which has greatly impacted all aspects of his life, that of his wife Cyrielle and their 2 daughters Shannon and Margaux.


After seeing many doctors (over 100 medical appointments), doing many tests and investigations, and being hospitalised twice, he was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2017. Lyme disease is a tick borne infectious disease which affects many parts and systems of the body and can create severe and chronic symptoms when not treated early. We all hope the treatment he started in 2017 will be able to help him.


He is unable to work at present, which is impacting his family in addition to the expensive medical costs already incurred so far.


I have therefore created this fundraising page for all those of you who would like to help Jeremy and his family.


Please share this page with all those who you feel may wish to donate.


Any donations will be greatly appreciated,


Thank you very much,


Kiara Van Maele 


Bonjour à tous,


Comme certains d'entre vous le savent, Jeremy, l'un de mes collègues, souffre depuis 2 ans de multiples symptomes et douleurs physiques. Tous les aspects de sa vie sont affectés, ainsi que celle de sa femme Cyrielle, et ses filles Shannon et Margaux.


Après avoir vu nombreux médecins et spécialistes (plus de 100 rendez vous médicaux), fait multiples examens médicaux, et 2 hospitalisations, il a été diagnostiqué avec la maladie de Lyme en 2017. La maladie de Lyme est une maladie infectieuse transmise par piqure de tique, qui affecte nombreux systèmes et parties du corps et peut créer des symptomes sévères et chroniques lorsqu'elle n'est pas traitée rapidement. Nous espérons tous que le traitement qu'il a commencé en 2017 pourra l'aider.


Son incapacité à travailler à cause de la maladie, ainsi que les couts médicaux importants, affectent sa famille.

J'ai donc crée cette page de soutient pour tous ceux qui souhaitent aider Jeremy et sa famille.

Merci de partager cette page avec tous ceux qui souhaiterais contribuer.


Toute donation sera grandement appréciée.


Un grand merci à vous,


Kiara Van Maele

Organised by

Kiara Van Maele

mery jean contributed €500

Sean Eff contributed €100

nitin garg contributed

Philippe Gerbelot-Barrillon contributed

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John McCormack contributed

Anonymous contributed €50

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Chantal contributed €100

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Michelle contributed €30

17 September 2018
Loïc Le Belguet
Pour toute la famille. Courage.
11 September 2018
Sandra Gicquel
On est avec toi :-)
30 August 2018
Please extend my best wishes to the family. The good news is that suffers can make a full recovery. Two of my neighbours contracted the disease over recent years and have both now recovered to lead a normal life. Regards Hugh
28 August 2018
Nidhi Jain
Get Well Soon!
17 August 2018
Pinky Mestica
This is a beautiful thing you did for your friend, Kiara. Assuring you also our prayers for Jeremy and his family.
15 August 2018
Uriah Field
Thank you Kiara for organizing, my thoughts are with Jeremy and his family hoping for a successful recovery.
15 August 2018
Armelle Chupeau
Jeremy and his family deserve all TLC from us.
13 August 2018
Gerrie Hadders
Hi there this is Great I have had great support from my SAP Family and am sure that they will support again..