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Support for the Sovereign Government in Gaza

Organised for: The Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine – Gaza authorities

A part of Occupied Palestine, the Gaza Strip lies along the Mediterranean Sea. Over two million Palestinians live in this area under the Zionist blockade and occupation. Gazans suffer in terrible conditions due to failing infrastructure, electricity and water shortages, and unemployment. We are constantly under attack from the Zionist occupation forces. Our children spend days without a hot meal, and sewage floods the streets.

We, members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Occupied Palestine, the governing movement in Gaza, ask the numerous supporters of the Palestinian people to help us in funding our work. We’ll use all generously donated money to fund the activity of our security services, education, and healthcare. Help us fill the hearts in Gaza with hope again!

Your donations will be used wisely and fairly for the benefit of all citizens and for our struggle against the occupation. The funds will be allocated as follows:20% to welfare and healthcare services.30% to educational institutions.30% to repairing physical infrastructure.20% to activity of the security services and policing.

All we ask is that each of you donate whatever you can. Inshallah, we shall reach the goal of our campaign soon. Thanks to you, we’ll put smiles on the faces of our warriors, women, and children, and proudly fly our green flags!

Organised by

Ramzi Aboud