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Support for Cosmin - Dad, Husband and Part of the C44 Family!

Organisiert für Cosmin & his Family

My dear C44 Family, 

I'm writing to all of you with a tough topic this time.


Some of you might already know, some maybe just heard some rumors, but our all colleague and friend, Cosmin Paun (just turned 39), is going through some really tough times.

Life gave him a really hard challenge where he and his lovely little family need our all help.  

Cosmin is a trained and focused guy, always hard working and no tower would be high enough to make him doubt. But this times it's different ... a complete different challenge ... Cosmin is fighting cancer. He won the first tough fights and with his optimism, the unconditional support of his family, he went through different surgeries and passed them all. 

As you can imagine all of this is impacting the whole families life... Raluca (Cosmin's wife) had to cut her worktime to first have more time for their little daugther and secondly to be available for Cosmin. 


Therefore I want to ask everybody within our C44 Family to donate something to help our Cosmin and his family in this tough time. 


  • You can donate as much and as often you like. 
  • All payments are SAFE and the value is not disclosed!
  • You can use the following ways: WireTransfer, VISA, Mastercard or Giropay
  • Why Leetchi? Because it's transparent, cheap and quick!

Many thanks / Herzlichen Dank


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Marius Jarzyna