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Super Erika to the rescue

Organisé pour : Erika Nakamura

Hi beautiful people!


I just want to thank all of you who is helping a crazy cat lady pushed by love to bring Mira, the cat to live with us in Ireland.

We went to Croatia for some holidays, but on the first day at night in a small village, we met her. She came close to us very weak, skinny, starving, limping and dirty and she followed us for more than 1 km. After that we hid her inside our mobile home and gave her some food. She slept nonstop as she probably should be very tired. On the next day, we took her to the vet to see if she was ok because I noticed 2 big scars (7 cm) on her back. The vet said she was ok, so we decided to neutered her as we would release her to streets again. The following 3 days, taking care of her, we felt in love and we started to plan her trip, so I found an angel who could stay with her until we come back.

The last day in Croatia, she was very bad due to a dog's bite probably and 2 big holes in her skin was swollen and very very infected. We didn't notice, even the vet. She had fever and she needed to go to the vet. We came back to Dublin (last Monday) and the Croatian girl is looking after her since then. On this Sunday she started vomiting a lot and the vet doesn't know the cause but probably something that she ate. Again, she had fever and took injections. My heart was with her those days 😥

Today, she is feeling better and looks like normal again😍 I have no words to thank the Croatian girl who is caring of her like if she was her baby.

Finally we are going next Thursday to get her in an big adventure Zadar - Zagreb. Zagreb - Paris (1 day) and Paris - Dublin. She will come with us in the cabin and I can't wait to see her ❤️

Thanks guys! You're the best!!! 💜💙❤️

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Samyra Rothen