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Sudheer's Family Support

Sudheer's Family Support

Hey, I am not used to create money pot and to be transparent with you that's the first time this happen for a cause like now.

This pot is entirely dedicated for Bhavani and her daughter who just lost her Husband/Dad due to Covid. I totally understand that you can think there is lot of people requiring help in this world but that time it's his family and I will give you few reasons why to help them.

Sudheer was the joyest person you could have speak with, always smiling for real, always kind and devoted for all his friend & Family. He never complained any days even if, and believe me, he went through a lot.

He relocated in NL from India to build a stable life for his wife and himself, he recently bought a house. All was set up for him to finally get result of all the efforts. He decided to travel back in India for a month as he was missing his Family too much.

I am now telling you with regrets that he didn't get the chance to come back.

I would imagine that there are multiple reasons you could pass on that one but please be conscious that even the smallest amount will be a support for his Familly and I am definitely sure that you would have appreciated the same too.

Feel free to get in touch with me,

Thank you.

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